Business Pathways

Business Advisors are here to understand business issues and direct doctors to the right sources for starting a business, setting up a clinic, managing an office, optimizing a business, or closing practice. 

They give one-on-one, personalized consideration to physicians’ business management queries, and provide direction to and context for the most valuable resources and information.

Business Advisors will:

  1. Listen to understand your needs.
  2. Communicate your options and contextualize them to your unique situation.
  3. Be there for you as you run your business, every step of the way.

What can Business Advisors do for you?

Business Advisor info and contact sheet

Meet the team

Ashley Buswell (Northern/Interior)

In my role as a Business Advisor with the Business Pathways team, I am dedicated to working in partnership with BC physicians. Drawing from my strong background in accounting and project management, I understand the value of a well-organized and operational business. My goal is to bring physicians the business supports they require, when they require them, and delivered right to their fingertips. I approach my work with a caring and empathetic lens, getting to know the situation and circumstances before offering assistance. I am passionate about empowering physicians to be successful in their business endeavors so they can spend more time focusing on their invaluable work with patients.

Tania Webb (Lower Mainland)

With over 12 years of experience at Doctors of BC, I’m excited to continue to connect with and support BC physicians by helping them manage their practices as they progress in their career. In an increasingly complex health care system, day-to-day clinic management can feel time consuming and continued demands can impact time spent with patients and work/life balance. As a Business Advisor, my focus will be to empower physicians with practical, valuable advice that will guide them through challenges as they run their business.

Erin Cayla (Lower Mainland) 

As a Business Advisor with Doctors of BC, my goal is to share the valuable resources our program has to offer. With over 20 years of MOA and Office Manager experience supporting physicians’ clinics in the Lower Mainland, I’ve seen how vital the physician voice and wellness is to ensure successful medical practices. The most fulfilling part of my position is simplifying or removing burdens for physicians who are setting up a new practice, are at the middle of their career, planning their retirement, or at any stage in-between. To do this, I focus primarily on listening to physicians’ needs, solving problems collaboratively, and offering the most appropriate business supports available. My aim is to help create more time for physicians to focus on providing patient care, engaging in continuing education, and pursuing the projects they see as most beneficial to them.

Darla MacIver (Vancouver Island)

In my role as Business Advisor at Doctors of BC, I am excited to have the opportunity to leverage my experience as an MOA and Office Manager to provide tailored support to physicians. I possess a comprehensive understanding of their business needs and challenges. My focus is on optimizing operational efficiency and supporting physicians as they navigate through the complexities of the business of health care, at any stage of their career. With an empathetic and passionate approach, I strive to deliver unparalleled service to ensure they feel supported and informed.