Dr Greg Deans
June 18, 2021

Dr Greg Deans has always loved solving mysteries. “I like the detective work of figuring out what’s going on which involves gathering clues and putting the pieces together.”

It is one of the reasons that he decided to become a specialist in infectious diseases. Originally from Manitoba,...

Dr Jason Easterbrook
June 3, 2021

After 10 years working as a senior leader in the fields of marketing and product management in the IT world, Dr Jaron Easterbrook took a break to consider his next career move. He would take his new puppy out to a nearby Victoria park and chat with people asking them about their careers,...

Dr Hussein Kanji
May 3, 2021

When Dr Hussein Kanji decided to develop expertise in the Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation machine -- or ECMO -- as his “passion project”, he had no way of knowing that it could be a lifeline during a pandemic.

Invented in the 1970s, ECMO has long been a machine of last resort,...

Clockwise – Dr Zachary Schwartz, Dr Sharry Kahlon, Dr Peter Birks, Dr Jesse Greiner
April 1, 2021

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, BC’s doctors have been working to understand this virus, and provide the best care possible to people affected all over the province. Three post COVID-19 recovery clinics opened in the Lower Mainland early in 2021, as part of the Provincial Health...

Dr Andy Hamilton
March 1, 2021

If you ask Dr Andy Hamilton, leadership skills should be taught to medical students and residents early on.

“In medical school, we train physicians to treat patients. We don’t train them to perform as part of a huge complex system and how to be effective in working within that system to...