Starting In Practice

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Congratulations on becoming a medical resident in British Columbia. You are well on your way to establishing a personally and professionally rewarding medical practice.

Business Pathways is your partner as you transition into practice, helping you navigate what you need to run your business smoothly. 

In this section, you will find a list of useful information on a range of resources and services to support you. 

Transition to practice

The transition from resident to practicing physician can be a challenge. You may need to sign a contract with a health facility, learn how to set up a practice, or quickly gain an understanding of fee codes.

Download our quick guide to the top five steps to start a practice below to get started.


Below are a number of tools and resources to help residents like you prepare for setting up your practice so that you have a good foundation as you move forward.

Find practice opportunities in BC

The BC Medical Journal contains extensive listings of job openings throughout the province. The BCMJ also has a continuously updated list of upcoming CME events to help you continue to refine your knowledge and skill.

Health Match BC provides information about physician employment opportunities throughout BC. In addition, Resident Doctors of BC, in partnership with Doctors of BC, Health Match BC, the Ministry, and UBC, organizes a job fair each fall.

If you are considering practicing in a rural location, the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues administrates programs designed to attract and retain rural physicians. Programs include retention payments, Rural Continuing Medical Education and locum assistance.

Obtain your BC license

You must register with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia to obtain a license to practice medicine in BC.

Enrol with MSP

To receive payment from MSP for insured services provided to eligible patients, you must first enrol with MSP to receive a billing number. After you have enrolled and received your billing number, you can submit claims to MSP for services listed in the MSC Payment Schedule and other payment schedules. 

Learn how to apply for an MSP billing number here

Ready to apply for your MSP billing number? Fill out the application form.

Review a list of available technology supports

Discover what organizations or programs are available to help you navigate the diverse technological supports and benefits in BC. The Essential Technology list includes essential tools and resources offered to doctors to help run their practice.

Learn how to incorporate your business

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC has information about how to set up a medical corporation

Check out these webinars specifically for doctors about personal and professional accounting

Access MD Financial Management’s library of webinars with topics ranging from incorporation to filing taxes to saving for retirement. 

Take a free seminar from the Canadian Medical Association.

The CMA Practice Management Curriculum (PMC) offers free seminars to help family doctor and specialist residents prepare for transition to practice.

Continue your learning

UBC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an academic unit dedicated to helping physicians across BC improve their knowledge, professional performance, and technical skills. They offer regular courses, programs, resources and support to physicians and other health care practitioners in a range of rural and urban settings.

Talk to Doctors of BC's in-house insurance advisors

As a member of Doctors of BC, you have access to exclusive insurance plans. Licensed, non-commissioned insurance advisors are ready to discuss our full range of high-quality insurance products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of our transitioning residents. Book your appointment now.


Transition resources for residents

Attend Transition Tuesdays

These monthly one-hour workshops are held the first Tuesday of every month and cover a wide range of topics on everything from financial planning and investing to billing. Residents in all levels are welcome to attend. Check out the calendar of events for the next Transition Tuesday.

Visit UBC's Transition into Practice website 

UBC's Transition into Practice website contains a wealth of information on how to develop a medical curriculum vitae, where to find job postings, and financial and office management (such as incorporation, office space purchase, and contract negotiation). Information is accessed through a combination of modules and seminar series. 

Get professional help advancing your career

TopStack Canada provides professional resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and interview preparation to physicians, residents, and medical students in Canada. Members can get a deal on TopStack services* through ClubMD.

Clients work one-on-one with a professional writer or interview coach based in Canada. Communication is done via phone and/or email, based on the client’s preference, and payment isn’t required until clients have reviewed and are satisfied with the progress on their new resume.

*login required

Connect with MD Financial Management's transitioning to practice information hub

As a physician transitioning to practice, you have a lot of financial decisions to make. Whether to join a practice or start your own, to incorporate or not, to buy a home or rent, MD Financial Management can help support you. Access webinars and guides that have practical, need-to-know information to get you started.

Get help from the Transition into Practice Service

HealthForceOntario’s Transition into Practice Service (TiPS) offers assistance with the sometimes daunting time between residency and practice. Gain practical, career-focused knowledge with learning modules. Much of the content has application to residents throughout Canada.

Learn about loan forgiveness

Student Aid BC runs the BC Loan Forgiveness Program for health care professionals, including physicians.

Connect with Resident Doctors of BC

Resident Doctors of BC (formally the Professional Association of Residents of BC or PAR-BC) is a trade union certified by the Labour Relations Board to bargain collectively on behalf of residents in BC. Doctors of BC works closely with Resident Doctors of BC on many issues.

Get help with your finances

Know your fees

The Doctors of BC Fee Guide is updated regularly, and lists the services insured by MSP as well as provides recommended private fees for Non-MSP insured services. For information on how to interpret insured services, please refer to the guide’s preamble.

The General Practice Services Committee’s billing guide includes incentive payments available to BC’s eligible family physicians.

The Specialist Services Committee fees are processed through the Medical Services Plan; however, they are managed by the SSC.

Get deals on legal and financial services

The Club MD program provides you with exclusive discounts to a variety of products and services, and in partnership with Business Pathways, a discount on legal and financial services. 

Scotiabank + MD Financial Management*
MD Financial Management can support you at every stage of your life and career. Whether you are a medical student wanting to minimize debt, a new-in-practice resident thinking about incorporation, or a practicing physician looking for more tax-efficient strategies, MD Financial Management has expert advice and solutions to meet your unique needs. Some of the services offered include financial planning, investment advice, estate and trust planning, incorporation needs and more.

MNP keeps a pulse on the industry and shares their findings with you, including opportunities for tax savings, regulatory changes and other factors that may impact the health of your practice. In addition to traditional accounting and assurance services, MNP’s dedicated medical service professionals enhance the health of your practice by providing a full range of business advisory services, including: tax planning, management advice, human resources management, valuations, succession and retirement planning, wealth management and financial planning. 

*Doctors of BC login required.

Learn about available benefits 


Take advantage of family practice benefits


The General Practice Services Committee has programs and fees to improve job satisfaction for family physicians. These programs include practice support, community support, and patient attachment fees.

Join your local Division of Family Practice for regional support, resources, and events. 

Benefit from specialist programs and fees


The Specialist Services Committee has programs and fees to improve job satisfaction for specialists. Some of these programs include practice support, leadership training scholarships, and telephone fees.