Looking for ways to fund practice improvements projects, continuing professional development endeavours, exciting research opportunities, and more? Review this comprehensive list of grants and other funding opportunities which includes information about eligibility, how to apply, and pertinent deadlines. 

Please note: Doctors of BC staff are unable to provide administrative support for doctors who are applying for a grant or funding opportunity.

Clinic funding

Securing Small Business Rebate


  • Be located in an area of British Columbia zoned for commercial or light industry use.
  • Have an exterior entrance (accessible directly from an outside area such as sidewalk, street or parking area), which serves as the primary access point for customers and clients.
  • Have a BC Business Registration Number.
  • Be in good standing with the Province of British Columbia.
  • Have less than 50 employees at the time the police report is filed for damage to commercial property, or at the time preventative work is undertaken.
  • Not have received an alternative, local rebate or grant to cover the same expense.

How to apply

Reparative Rebate: Available as a one-time rebate of up to $2,000, per calendar year.

Step 1: Proof of damage, including:

  • Police report file number associated with the damage and a copy of the police report attached, if available.
  • Photos of damage.
  • Proof of insurance non-coverage or deductible amount if covered.

Step 2: Receipts from a registered business for completed repair work for damages incurred on or after January 1, 2023, clearly indicating equipment, supplies and labor costs.

Preventative Rebate: Available as a one-time rebate of up to $1,000

Step 1: Proof of damage caused by vandalism on or after January 1, 2023, to their business or a nearby business that demonstrates issues of vandalism in the community in which the business resides, such as:

  • Photos of damage; or
  • Police report, or
  • News article.

Step 2: Receipts from a registered business for completed preventative work clearly indicating equipment, supply, and labor costs.


Rebate applications are retroactive to January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2024, and will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis.


Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC) Minor Tenant Improvements 


A total of $1.25M is available in FY2023/24. FPSC will contribute up to 85% of the total renovation cost per the approved quote/invoice, up to a maximum of two rooms at $41K per room, per clinic. The FP/Clinic will cover the remaining costs.

  • Private FP owned or leased clinics are currently participating in their local Primary Care Netowrk (PCN) and planning to continue practicing in the expanded or renovated space.
  • Expanding and/or renovating existing or new space to accommodate new PCN team members (RNs, LPNs and/or AHPs), as indicated in service plan approvals, who will be providing services in the new space at least 60% of the time.
  • Expanding and/or renovating may include:
    • design and contracting, including labor
    • permanent fixtures: materials for floor and wall coverings, ceilings, partitions, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and security.
  • Unexpected costs associated with building code upgrades will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

Step 1: Within three months of completing the minor tenant improvements, the division must submit a financial report indicating the use of funds and an initial status report demonstrating the value. added in each clinic through the minor tenant improvements.

  • Financial report will ask for actual size (square feet) and actual cost, as well as cost breakdown of materials, labor, etc.
  • The value added by the renovation may be measured by: number of clinicians (FTE) using the new space, number of patients seen by the co-located RN, LPN and/or AHP as a result of the new space.

Step 2: Funding must be expended, and minor tenant improvements must be completed by the end of the PMA, March 31, 2025. Any funds unspent as of March 31, 2025, must be returned to the FPSC by June 30, 2025. 


Funding is available until March 31, 2025, or when the total funding amount has been exhausted. PCN communities with the approved PCN Service Plan will have priority access to the funding.


Practice funding

Team-Based Care Grant


A new Team-Based Care Grant will provide $15,000 to eligible family practices that have onboarded interprofessional team (IPT) members. 

  • Work within a group practice consisting of two or more physicians that has added an eligible IPT member to the group practice. The physicians working together in a group practice may or may not be co-located and may have an arrangement to jointly fund an IPT position.
  • Meet the definition of a Community Longitudinal Family Physician as per the FPSC preamble.
  • Have completed phase two of the FPSC phases of panel management.
  • Commit to participating in quality improvement activities related to team-based care such as services offered through the FPSC Practice Support Program, including team-based care coaches. Quality improvement activities should be aligned with the National Interprofessional Competencies Framework.
  • Agree to work collaboratively with the Ministry of Health, the primary care network (PCN) (if applicable), and other partners (e.g. division of family practice, health authority) towards implementing the attributes of the patient medical home (PMH) and PCN.

How to apply

To claim this grant, a group of family doctors must jointly submit an application form after an IPT position has been filled. For more details about the Team-Based Care Grant, please see the FAQ.


An end date has not yet been established for this grant.


Maternity Care for BC (MC4BC)


This program is for family doctors who:

  • Plan to incorporate obstetrics into their practice; and
  • Want to enhance their obstetrical skills and experience including labor and delivery, antepartum, postpartum, or breastfeeding care at any stage of their career.

FPs are eligible for consideration to participate in the program if they meet all the following criteria:

  • Completes all required application documentation.
  • Has obtained full registration and licensure from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia to practice family medicine in BC.
  • Meets Health Authority privilege requirement(s) to provide obstetrical care in a hospital while participating.
  • In the MC4BC Program.
  • Intends to practice FP-obstetrics in BC for a minimum of two years after completion of MC4BC.

How to apply

If you meet the eligibility requirements (see Section 2.0), complete and sign ALL forms included in the MC4BC Application Package. 

The Application Package contains a series of forms that will inform your learning experience, as follows:

Step 1: Applicant Contact and Background Information

Step 2: Applicant Learning Needs Assessment

Step 3: MC4BC Learning Objectives Worksheet

Step 4: MC4BC Learning Plan

Step 5: Facility Letter of Support for MC4BC Participation

For more information please use: MC4BC Information Package, MC4BC FAQs




To apply, complete and submit the MC4BC Information Package.

Connected Care Innovation Grant

The Connected Care Innovation Grant aims to support clinical leaders in clinical initiatives that focus on progressing digital health interoperability related efforts and improving connected care for patients and providers.

Eligible Applicants

• Clinicians, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals

• Health provider groups, including specialist clinics and primary care clinics (solo practitioner clinics, PCNs, FMGs/GMFs, FHTs, FHGs, FHOs, CHCs, AHACs, nurse practitioner-led clinics, etc.)

• Health organizations and providers, including public health units, mental health service providers, OHTs, outpatient specialist clinics, home and community care, long term care, etc.

Eligible Projects

Eligible projects should ideally align with one or more of Infoway’s strategic goals as outlined in the interoperability roadmap, aim to complete the project within six months, demonstrate clear skills and experience in delivering projects of this nature and support activities within Canada.

Visit our FAQ page to see examples of the type of projects Canada Health Infoway is looking for.

How to apply

Step 1: Review Project Criteria to see if this Grant is a fit

Step 2: Download and complete application form

Step 3: Submit or ask questions at

The deadline for submission is Friday, July 5, 2024.


Educational funding

Physician Leadership Training


Criteria varies between:

  • Courses and Conferences 
  • Leadership coaching 
  • Master’s program 

More details here.

How to apply

Step 1: Interested physicians complete the application form online. (The application must be received before the course start date.)

Step 2: A determination regarding your application will be sent within two weeks of receipt. This will include your decision letter and link to claim form (if approved).

Step 3: After completing the course, applicants must submit proof of completion, the accurately completed claim form, and all relevant receipts (i.e., for tuition and any expenses) to the JCC Training team. To receive reimbursement for these costs, all information listed above must be submitted within three months of course completion.

Step 4: Once processed by Doctors of BC Finance, the physician will receive a confirmation of payment, as well as a survey link to provide feedback on the course and the scholarship program.


No date at this time, depends on course taken.

Upon completion of course or conference, and with the submission of receipts and proof of completion, reimbursement is provided.


Research funding

Health Research BC-Mitacs Industry-based program


Rural physician researchers can apply for a research grant of up to $10,000 to support research activities.

This program is open to current full-time and part-time students in master or PhD programs and postdoctoral fellows. Trainees must be based at a BC university or research institute.  

  • Applicants must be legally permitted to reside and work in Canada by the funding start date. There are no citizenship requirements for this program.  
  • Applications from persons with disabilities or members of minority groups underrepresented in the sciences are encouraged.  
  • Trainees may be required to travel to participate in this opportunity.   
  • For additional eligibility criteria, refer to 2024 Mitacs program details.

How to apply

Letters of intent are due to Health Research BC between January 24 and December 1, 2024.

Full applications for Mitacs Accelerate or Mitacs Elevate are due to Mitacs by December 20, 2024. 

Visit 2024 Mitacs program details for in depth description of the application process.


December 20, 2024