Doctors of BC is a democratic Association representing 16,000 physician members. Our dual-structure governance model centers on a Representative Assembly to ensure members’ views are fully represented and a Board of Directors that has the legal and fiduciary responsibility to manage the affairs of the Association.   

The 9-person Board oversees the activities and internal affairs of the Association and sets strategic direction and policy. The 108-member Representative Assembly (RA) provides wide-ranging representation from: all geographical areas of the province, Family Physicians/FPs and specialists, those practicing in rural and First Nations communities, medical students, residents, those members in early years of practice, as well as the Canadian Medical Association.

The two bodies strike a balance between an efficient, nimble governance body (the Board), and a body that will ensure members’ views are fully represented (the RA). Click on the tabs below for further information:

  • Role is that of a decision-making and strategy-setting body.
  • Maintains its legal fiduciary and oversight responsibilities, and is accountable to the Representative Assembly and the entire membership
  • Comprised of 9 members – the President, President-Elect and 7 Directors at Large – allowing for efficiency in decision-making and the ability to quickly respond to events that arise.
  • Of the 7 Directors at Large, 3 are Specialists, 3 are Family Physicians, and 1 is the ‘opposite’ of the incoming President (i.e., a Family Physician if the incoming President is a Specialist, and a Specialist if the incoming President is a Family Physician).
  • Role is that of an influential body representing members’ interests and providing guidance to the Board, enhancing accountability between the Board and members.
  • Comprised of 106 voting delegates representing all Sections, all geographic areas, including rural and First Nations communities, students and residents, the Society of Specialists, and BC Family Doctors. The Speaker and Deputy Speaker are non-voting, as are the 9 Board Directors who participate in the Assembly. 
  • Has the power to remove Board Directors at Large if it feels they are not acting in the interests of the broader membership.
  • Marks the first time that a governing body of Doctors of BC has an equal number of Specialists and Family Physicians.

As a non-profit organization, Doctors of BC is subject to the Societies Act of BC and must work within the structures of the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws.

In our day-to-day operations, Doctors of BC senior staff are responsible for helping our Board and Representative Assembly achieve the organization’s strategic vision of being better together.

With over 60 member-run committees advocating on behalf of physicians and BC citizens alike, we manage a diverse range of issues including policy development, physician compensation, collaborative programs with government, health promotion, and more.