We're here to support your practice's virtual care needs. 

Where do you need help?


I want to start virtual care at our practice. We already see our patients in-person. 


  • Assess your practice needs

  • Update patient contact information

  • Set up channels for communicating with patients 

  • Obtain patient consent

  • Share documents when working remotely

  • Review your schedule to include virtual care


I want to add video visits to our practice. We already have visits with our patients by phone


  • Choose your video platform

  • Add video visits to your booking process

  • Set up your workstation

  • Establish your workflow and start conducting video visits

  • Inform patients about video visits


I want to boost our use of virtual care.  I would like to optimize my practice and get support. 


  • Integrate a patient portal

  • Implement Voice Over IP (VOIP)

  • Create a Medical Pathways profile or clinic website

  • Add online booking

  • Implement group communication platforms


I'm looking for resources and templates to support our use of virtual care.


  • Clinic templates

  • Resources for patients

  • Zoom for Healthcare

  • Links to more resources about virtual care

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