Applying for JCC Project Funding

We are often asked by physicians and/or other groups: How do I/we apply for funding support for projects through the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs)?

The first thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the collaborative work through the JCCs is about building partnerships; it’s not all about funding. As part of these partnerships, some funding may be available for individuals or groups working on innovative and relevant projects designed to improve patient care and build a stronger health care system. 

The following provides a summary of some of the JCC project funding opportunities.

Shared Care Committee

General partnership and/or funding guidelines are available here.

On that page you also find templates for those interested in applying for funding under the following streams of work:

  • Coordinating complex care for older adults

  • Partners in care/Transitions in Care

  • Networks (maternity, chronic pain, adult mental health and substance use)

Specialist Services Committee 

Partnerships and/or funding from the Specialist Services Committee include

  • Physician Quality Improvement supports for physicians to learn and apply quality improvement concepts. Contacts for further information can be found under ‘Access Support’ here.

  • Health System Redesign compensates physicians for participation in time-limited, project-based, system redesign work. Contacts per HA can be found here

  • At the local level, partnerships and funding may be available through your local Medical Staff Associations.

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