Agreement Templates

For doctors who are considering initiating or revising a contract agreement, Business Pathways is pleased to offer template agreements for group practices, including Cost Sharing agreements, Contractor agreements, Release of Information as it relates Assignment of Payments, and Group Governance agreements.

These templates can be used to minimize the cost of drafting each contract; however, each clinic will be required to negotiate the terms of their specific agreement using legal support. Resources are available to help doctors with important considerations, such as ensuring a transparent process and communicating the importance of equal participation by all group members.

If you need to hire a legal professional, Doctors of BC offers preferred rates for physician members through Club MD. Please log in to see the full details on the preferred rates and services. 

Contractor agreement template

A Contractor agreement is a service agreement which outlines and protects all parties signing into the agreement. These include requirements for insurance, licensures, deliverables, expectations, and length of agreement. Physicians can use this template when determining an agreement among themselves, with a group, or with a business. Physicians will need to seek legal advice during the process of negotiations to ensure that the contract is fair, deliverables are clearly outlined, and indemnities within the contract meet the requirements of their professional governing body.

Contractor Agreement (Doc)

Cost Sharing agreement template

A Cost Sharing agreement outlines the expenses associated with running the clinic and clarifies each physician’s financial responsibility. Before initiating a professional service agreement, it is important to develop a formal cost sharing agreement so that your financial obligations are clearly defined and documented.

Cost Sharing agreement template (Doc)
Need help? A Guide to Cost Sharing Agreements (PDF)

Release of Information agreement template

When working in a group clinic, facility, or with another practitioner, a Release of Information agreement will ensure doctors can access their own billings from Health Insurance BC (HIBC) without any roadblocks. Without the Release of Information agreement, HIBC is not able to share information to the physician about their own billings; therefore, this agreement will ensure a physician can access their own MSP billing/remittance statements as the payee upon request.

Release of Information agreement template (PDF)
Need help? Release of Information agreement FAQs (PDF)

Group Governance agreement template

A Group Governance agreement outlines the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of each physician in the group, as well as the general operation of the group’s practice. This will include processes for sharing expenses, identifying who will undertake key activities, and managing disputes. Before joining or forming a Group Practice arrangement, it is important to develop a formal Group Governance agreement so that your group’s intentions are documented. Planning in advance will help mitigate potential problems, saving time, stress, and financial impact in the future.

Group Governance agreement template (Doc)


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