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May 31, 2023

The continuing reports of crisis conditions at Surrey Memorial Hospital have put the spotlight on leadership in the province’s health-care system, particularly at Fraser Health. The latest salvo from health-care workers came Tuesday in the form of a public letter from doctors in the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department warning of “unsafe conditions and adverse outcomes” — and taking leadership to task.  Dr Joshua Greggain, president of Doctors of BC said the province’s health-care system is facing multiple layers of issues, that won’t be solved by a quick fix — including a change in leadership. “It is really more about frustration and moral injury and burnout that leads us to where we are, and the call for an individual to be held to account for this — this isn’t an individual problem — I genuinely believe that everyone in the system understands the gravity of the situation,” he said. Read more...

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May 31, 2023

Health Minister Adrian Dix is facing a “staggering” health care crisis as dozens of physicians at five BChospitals have come forward to raise the alarm about unsafe conditions they say are putting patients at risk. The latest open letter was from women’s health providers at Surrey Memorial Hospital who say inadequate resources are compromising patient care and were a factor in the death of a newborn baby in 2020.  Dr Joshua Greggain, president of Doctors of BC, confirmed there’s been an increase in patients being admitted to hospital with no doctor attached. “That’s not a safe way to provide care,” he said. Greggain said while a shortage of hospitalists is one factor putting stress on emergency departments, other factors include the number of people coming to emergency rooms because of the opioid crisis, the mental health crisis and the shortage of family doctors. Read more...

Vancouver Sun
May 30, 2023

Health Minister Adrian Dix is on the defensive after dozens of BC physicians have penned letters outlining unsafe conditions in hospitals they say are putting patients at risk.

Dr. Joshua Greggain, president of Doctors of B.C., confirmed there’s been an increase in patients being admitted to hospital with no doctor attached.

“That’s not a safe way to provide care,” he said. Greggain said while a shortage of hospitalists is one factor putting stress on emergency departments, other factors include the number of people coming to emergency rooms because of the opioid crisis, the mental health crisis and the shortage of family doctors.

May 25, 2023

British Columbia’s health minister is responding to bombshell allegations from a longtime emergency room doctor about the “crisis” at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Dr Urbain Ip, now a clinical assistant professor at UBC’s Department of Emergency Medicine and the former medical director at Surrey Memorial, told Global News Tuesday he wouldn’t send his own family members to the facility.  Addressing the issues plaguing BC’s emergency rooms will take more than one solution, according to the president of Doctors of BC. “If the solution was easy, it would be done already,” Dr Joshua Greggain said. Greggain said the pressure being felt at Surrey’s ER and others around the province is a symptom of bigger problems throughout the primary care system. Read more...

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May 24, 2023

They were the heroes of the pandemic but now the years of stress and burnout are taking their toll on healthcare workers contributing to a serious staffing shortage. “We’re having a handful of physicians and nurses either walk away or do things either for their personal safety or their own personal well-being,” said Doctors of BC President Dr Joshua Greggain. According to emergency room physician Dr Jeff Unger it’s one of the key reasons Saanich Peninsula’s ER will be facing overnight staff shortages in the months ahead. There, an on-call physician will only support patients with serious medical needs and patients can expect much longer waits than usual. Read more...

May 18, 2023

BC Health Minister Adrian Dix is pushing back against claims that Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH) is in “crisis.” Speaking on Wednesday, Dix says the NDP is trying to undo years of neglect under the previous Liberal government. “Fraser Health was particularly badly treated by the previous government. The idea that you would do less MRIs in Fraser Health with 800,000 more people than in Vancouver Coastal Health just showed a secondary priority, and so we’ve changed that,” he said. Dix’s comments come after doctors in Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Room issued a scathing letter Monday describing what they’re calling a “crisis” at the facility. Released in response to the Doctors of BC Section of Emergency Medicine news last week, the physicians, who have not included their names, say they are “compelled to inform the public of the unsafe conditions that have come to exist in our hospital, and what has been told to the community is incomplete.” Read more...

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May 12, 2023

Dr Gord McInnes, co-President of the Section of Emergency Medicine, and Mike Old of the Hospital Employees Union joined CBC's Dan Burritt to discuss the emergency room issues in British Columbia. “This is a long time coming and the ED should be seen as the canary in the coalmine, in the sense that as our system has degraded, the problems in the ED have become more highlighted", McInnes explained. From the COVID-19 pandemic, to increased violence and poor staff mental health, emergency rooms across the province are pushed to the edge. "It's a chronic crisis that has been exacerbated over time”, all across the province McInnes said. Listen to the interview

CTV News
May 11, 2023

The “near catastrophic" situation at Langley Memorial Hospital's emergency department, first reported by CTV News this week, is just one example of what BC doctors say is a provincial crisis. The “dire” and “unsafe” conditions in the Langley department were highlighted in a memo sent by Dr Jeff Plante in which he urged his colleagues in Fraser Health not to send patients to the hospital, saying the facility was “overrun” due to an influx of patients and that staffing shortages on wards have led to very sick people being warehoused in the ED. On Wednesday, Doctors of BC issued a statement saying the issues raised in the memo are not isolated to Langley and that they are shining a spotlight on the untenable and potentially dangerous situation unfolding at hospitals across the province. Read more...

May 8, 2023

Dr Davidicus Wong, a family physician in Burnaby, who is leading the walk, talks to CBC's Gloria Mackarenco about Doctors of BC's annual Walk With Your Doc event. According to Wong, simply walking can “make a huge difference”. Moderate physical activity, for 150 minutes a week can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, and many more health concerns. “It's actual physicians walking to talk, getting out there with their community. It promotes community connection and physical activity”, Wong said of the event. Listen to the interview

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May 5, 2023

Canada’s biggest testing and diagnostics company is offering “various diagnostic tests” for long COVID to British Columbians, even though the national health agency clearly states the condition isn’t detectible via testing. A section of the LifeLabs website titled “long COVID testing” suggests people with post-infection symptoms bring a guide to their doctor to order an array of tests, which the company indicates are almost all covered by the provincial Medical Services Plan. The president of Doctors of BC agrees with the national public health agency, and pointed out the testing recommended is so broad – it’s essentially useless. “What they're suggesting is very, very all-inclusive and not necessarily a diagnostic for anything, including long COVID,” said Dr Josh Greggain.

CBC News
April 12, 2023

WorkSafeBC is calling on employers to improve their violence-prevention strategies after new data revealed a 25-per-cent increase in workplace claims related to violence in the past five years.

"I have absolutely been physically hit, kicked or spit on over the course of my career," said Dr. Joshua Greggain, president of Doctors of B.C.

Greggain says staff shortages have exacerbated risks of hospital violence, and it helps to have other staff with the ability to de-escalate potentially violent situations.

"When physicians are trained, they're asked to look after patients and care for them," he said. "They aren't necessarily trained in having to deal with violence or escalating situations."

March 21, 2023

Doctors of BC says it fully supports a recent proposal to bring in a new national standard for medical licensing, although it’s skeptical about the feasibility of the suggested strategy.

Doctors of BC President Joshua Greggain says the organization is in full support of Poilievre’s recent call to improve and speed up healthcare professionals’ integration around Canada. “National licensure and portability between province would be a really good thing to help the physician supply as well as the nurses,” he said.

Greggain adds he does believe national licensing and portability between provinces would help the healthcare worker shortage, but for it to happen he says it would take national collaboration, which is tough to do in the current landscape.

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March 20, 2023

Doctors of BC president says he is optimistic about the number of family doctors signing up for the new pay model. After implementing the new payment model for family doctors in the province that came into effect Feb. 1, roughly half of the family doctors in the province have signed on as of March 10. “At the six-week mark, we’re very pleased that nearly half the physicians across the province have opted into this model, it continues to affirm for me that, I think, this model is reflective of what needed to happen,” said Dr. Josh Greggain said in an interview with CHEK News.

Vancouver Sun
March 13, 2023

More than half of BC's full-time family physicians have switched to the new fee structure, billed as a way to increase people's access to a family doctor and stop those in family practice from fleeing a system that was burning them out. “I think we’ve built an attractive model so that patients will get family physicians in due time,” says Doctors of BC President Dr Josh Greggain. 

March 7, 2023

Doctors of BC says it’s pleased at the uptake to BC’s new family doctor payment model, but many physicians appear to still be taking a wait-and-see approach. Doctors of BC says more than 2,000 physicians have signed up for the Longitudinal Family Practice pay scheme in the five weeks since it took effect, representing about 45 per cent of longitudinal family doctors. “That gives me great hope, and I think our entire negotiating team and the Ministry of Health some real optimism that we got the model right, because people are joining,” Doctors of BC president Dr Josh Greggain told Global News on Monday. Read more

February 28, 2023

Financial adviser Remi Tran, whose 70-year-old father died of liver cancer after a months-long wait to see an oncologist, hopes today’s budget announcement for health care will improve outcomes and spare other families what his endured. The province is expected to unveil how much of its budget and a near $6-billion surplus will go toward health care. Doctors of BC President Joshua Greggain, said great improvements have been made in physician compensation, and strategies for getting more internationally trained doctors working here and training more doctors and nurses. But there is also a need for more immediate solutions, such as licensing doctors and nurses at a national level, and possibly adding physician assistants...

CBC Listen
February 9, 2023

Doctors of BC President, Dr Joshua Greggain joins CBC's Stephen Quinn to discuss the federal government's healthcare funding package. “It's always about how we are going to do this alongside the province to ensure the needs of British Columbians are met.” Regarding specific areas in which the funding could be used in the province, Dr Greggain mentioned a number of concerns, including reducing surgical wait times, wait times in emergency rooms, mental health, and primary care. 

CBC News
February 2, 2023

The new framework allows physicians to scrap the current fee-for-service system that saw them paid a flat rate per patient visit and be paid instead for a range of duties that come with the job. "I believe it's the most significant reform to primary care in my lifetime in the history of the public health-care system," Health Minister Adrian Dix said at a news conference outlining the changes. "Today is a new day for family physicians to have choice to provide the care that they have always wanted to do and have not been able to," said Doctors of B.C. president Dr. Joshua Greggain, calling the model "transformational." 

CTV News
February 1, 2023

“Every physician probably has a story of someone they know who was penalized in some way for seeking health care for mental health, for being honest and courageously seeking help,” said Dr. Anne Nguyen, a consultant in the Doctors of BC’s Physician Health Program. 

The program's confidential help-line has seen a 30 per cent surge in calls since the start of the pandemic. With 1,000 open files at any given time, the program is treating one in 20 of the province’s resident, practicing, or retired doctors.

CTV News
January 23, 2023

The BC government, in partnership with Doctors of BC, has released details about its new payment model for family doctors, a plan that could reshape primary care across the province.

“We really feel like by lifting up family medicine, our primary care, and leaning into team-based care, the expectation and the aspiration is that everything will get better in due time,” he said. “This is an opportunity to transform the health-care system by simply flicking a switch," says Doctors of BC President Dr Joshua Greggain. 


CTV News
January 19, 2023

Many British Columbia medical staffers are frustrated and even angry about what they describe as a culture of fear and silence when it comes to raising questions about the quality of care in the province, as well as other issues. For months, CTV News has been speaking to health-care staffers on background, meaning they have agreed to provide information on the condition that their names and any identifying details are withheld from publication for fear of reprisal from their employers: hospitals, health authorities and government agencies. “We feel like there isn't a place where we can speak out that gets heard or listened to, so we feel, at times, the last resort is to speak truth either on social media or otherwise,” said Doctors of BC president Dr Josh Greggain, pointing out the current strain in the system is a tipping point for many.

CFAX 1070
January 17, 2023

Adam Stirling speaks with Dr Joshua Greggain, President, Doctors of BC about the new Health Professions and Occupations Act (Bill 36), and concerns that have been raised.

Vancouver Sun
January 16, 2023

"Doctors of BC supports efforts to hold our health-care providers, including physicians, accountable to a high standard for both public confidence and health issues,” says our President Dr Joshua Greggain. 

CTV News
December 28, 2022

“This is not the time to implement and make these kinds of sweeping changes without deep consultation that could actually impact our profession and our patients,” Dr. Ramneek Dosanjh, the president of Doctors of BC, told CTV News.

November 29, 2022

In a move to address the doctor shortage, the B.C. government is speeding up the process to allow internationally-trained doctors to begin practicing in the province.

Premier David Eby says the pandemic has “exposed” challenges to B.C’s healthcare system, and “too many” British Columbians are having trouble finding a family doctor. President of Doctors of BC, Dr. Ramneek Dosanjh, says the organization has long advocated for allowing easier access for international doctors.

“We are pleased that the provincial government is making it easier for more U.S. and internationally trained family doctors to come to British Columbia and practise,” she said in a statement. “Given the challenges in our primary care system and the number of patients without a family doctor, these changes will greatly benefit British Columbians.”

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November 4, 2022

"Family doctors have been trying so hard to make it work and the working conditions weren't sustainable. We are hoping this payment shifts the way that we do things and enables our physicians to address rising business costs," says Doctors of BC President Dr Ramneek Dosanjh. 

Vancouver Sun
November 3, 2022

The new payment model for family physicians announced by the province Monday means family doctors in B.C. will be close to the highest paid in Canada, a dramatic turnaround from their status as among the lowest paid in the country.

October 31, 2022

The B.C. government is overhauling the payment model in an attempt to retain family doctors and attract new ones. The new model, co-developed by Doctors of BC, BC Family Doctors and the provincial government, will be available as of February 2023. Family physicians can choose to opt into the new model.

CBC News
October 31, 2022

The government of British Columbia is ushering in a new payment model for family doctors in February. Doctors of BC and the provincial government also announced they have reached agreement on a new Physician Master Agreement. Doctors of BC President Dr Ramneek Dosanjh praised the new agreement Monday — calling it the best in the country and a "seismic shift" for the better in B.C.

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October 20, 2022

Dr Dosanjh, who is a family practitioner, said her colleagues have mixed feelings about the new distribution system as they wait for their supply of vaccines at the end of October. “Physicians need to be included in the decision-making, because they have such an important role in this campaign each year, especially for the high-risk group such as a frail seniors and small children.”