Awards & Scholarships

Every year, Doctors of BC acknowledges the outstanding contributions of physicians around our province through a number of awards. Achievements are recognized in areas such as community contribution, improving the welfare of British Columbians, health promotion, and grassroots advocacy.

Meet the 2020 award recipients

Awards descriptions and criteria for eligibility

Dr David M. Bachop Gold Medal for Distinguished Medical Service

Dr Cam Coady Medal of Excellence

Dr Don Rix Award for Physician Leadership (D.B. Rix Award)

Doctors of BC Silver Medal of Service Award

Changemaker Awards for Medical Residents and Students

CMA Honorary Membership Award

Excellence in Health Promotion Awards

CMA Special Awards information, including criteria and nomination forms, can be obtained from the CMA website or contact the CMA Program Manager, Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness, 800-663-7336, x1949. The CMA Special Awards include the F.N.G. Starr Award, CMA Medal of Service and CMA Medal of Honour.

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