Doctors of BC Awards

Every year, Doctors of BC acknowledges doctors, residents, medical students, and community leaders from around the province for their outstanding contributions to the medical profession, the health care system, and their community. Achievements are recognized in areas such as community health promotion, distinguished service or physician leadership, and grassroots advocacy. Please click the Award link for a description of the award, eligibility criteria, and important dates.

Doctors of BC awards

Dr David M Bachop Gold Medal for Distinguished Medical Service

Dr Don Rix Award for Physician Leadership 

Doctors of BC Silver Medal of Service Award

Changemaker Awards for Medical Residents and Students

Excellence in Health Promotion Awards

Doctors of BC Scholarship Awards

Awards from our partners

Dr Cam Coady Medal of Excellence

CMA Honorary Membership Award

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Information on the Canadian Medical Association's Special Awards, including criteria and nomination forms, can be found on the CMA Awards webpage. Questions pertaining to these awards can be sent to