About Medrecords

MedRecords, a non-profit organization endorsed by Doctors of BC, specializes in secure scanning and digital storage of medical records. Having completed due diligence with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC and CMPA, they prioritize the secure management of health information.

Members using MedRecords establish a direct relationship with the non-profit organization. In the event of MedRecords ceasing operations, Doctors of BC ensures custody of the digitally stored medical records, providing members with assurance and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

MedRecords offers a range of specialized services designed to meet the distinct needs of healthcare providers:

  • Digitization Services: Digitization Services cater to clinics seeking a seamless transition to a paperless environment without disrupting daily operations. This service efficiently digitizes active and inactive records, allowing physicians to store electronic copies or receive them for integration into their EMR.

  • Storage Services:

    • Paper Records: Physicians requiring paper record storage services benefit from cost-effective solutions. Paper records are digitized and stored electronically at a one-time, low-cost fee, offering almost instant access to electronic copies.

    • Electronic Records: MedRecords addresses electronic storage needs related to EMR or previously scanned records. Emphasizing data protection, all electronic records are securely stored for a minimum of 35 years at no additional cost, ensuring compliance with college guidelines while remaining a fraction of the cost of alternative storage services.

  • Practice Closure Services: Whether downsizing, relocating, or retiring, MedRecords' Practice Closure Services encompass comprehensive solutions. From patient notifications to digitization, storage, and record transfer services, these offerings are provided either free of charge or with partial reimbursement, depending on the specific circumstances and services required.

MedRecords' commitment to professionalism and tailored solutions defines its approach to supporting healthcare professionals in their evolving record management needs.

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