MedRecords is a BC-based non-profit organization that will scan medical records and digitally store them. The service is endorsed by Doctors of BC. 

Members who choose to use MedRecords services will have a direct relationship with the non-profit organization but can rest assured that in the event that MedRecords should cease operations, Doctors of BC would take custody of the digitally stored medical records. MedRecords has done its due diligence with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC and CMPA.

MedRecords List of Services

MedRecords offers a total of 4 total products to its customers:

  1. Priority Scanning and Record Access
  2. Standard Family Practice Closure Solution
  3. Non-Standard Family Practice Closure Solution
  4. Premium Archival Storage Solution

Each product has its own requirement.

Priority Scanning and Record Access

Paper records are prioritized in the queue and the customer is allowed access to the records. Paper records are scanned, and securely shredded. An electronic copy is kept at MedRecords and another copy is sent to the customer.

Type of Clients: 
Clinics or Physicians who want their paper records digitized while maintaining access to them.

$250 per banker box. Pickup cost not included (depends on location).

Standard Family Practice Closure Solution

A closure service dedicated to Family Practices that sign up 3 months prior to practice closure and have followed all the College guidelines. This service is also offered to FPs that suddenly pass away or are unable to continue their practice. No prior patient record distribution by the clinic is required.

Type of Clients:
Family Practice doctors who are closing their practice (eg. retirement, moving offices).

Free. (Requirements: sign up at least 3 months before the office closure date; MedRecords patient notification services are required)

Non-Standard Family Practice Closure Solution 

A closure service for family practices that do not fall within the standard guidelines. Records are stored for 35 years, patients are notified and records are distributed accordingly.

Type of Clients:
Family Physicians who are closing (less than 3 months from closure) or have closed their practice (less than 3 months after closure).

The physician can select individual services and will be reimbursed via the number of patient requests received.

  • Notification Price:
    • $2.50 per mail notification
    • $0.25 per call notification 
    • $0.10 per email notification 
  • Paper Price: $165 per banker box. The pick-up cost is not included.
  • EMR Price: $2,000 for the first 50GB and $50 per additional 1GB.
  • (Free EMR storage if the client has 40 banker boxes of paper)

Premium Archival Storage Solution

Records are securely stored electronically for 35 years. Paper records are scanned over a 2-year period resulting in limited customer access. 

Type of Clients:
Clinics seeking a secure storage solution for their records. These clinics do not require immediate access to these records, nor do their patients. These include MRI clinics, Nurse Practitioner Clinics, and Specialists. This also includes GP/Family Clinics that have closed their clinics for at least 3 months.

This is dependent on the type of record:

Paper Price: $165 per banker box. 
Pick-up cost is not included (depends on location).

EMR Price: $2,000 for the first 50GB and $50 per additional 1GB
(Free EMR storage if the client has 40 banker boxes of paper)

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