MedRecords is a BC-based non-profit organization that will scan medical records and digitally store them. The service is endorsed by Doctors of BC. 

Members who choose to use MedRecords services will have a direct relationship with the non-profit organization but can rest assured that in the event that MedRecords should cease operations, Doctors of BC would take custody of the digitally stored medical records. The organization has done its due diligence with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC and CMPA. 

MedRecords List of Services

Currently Practicing Physicians

In the event that you pass away or are suddenly unable to continue your practice, your estate is held responsible for all your medical records regardless if they are electronic records. MedRecords will provide assistance to your estate by making arrangements to digitalize, store electronically and distribute your records. In most cases, provided there is 3-months advance notice to patients of MedRecords storage plans, there is no charge to the physician for this service; however, a contract is required.

Retiring Family Doctors/General Practitioners

MedRecords will take on the responsibility of picking up, digitalizing, storing and distributing your electronic copies for 34 years. Provided the arrangements are made at least 3 months in advance of office closure with corresponding notification to patients of upcoming records storage with MedRecords, there is no cost to the physician and only a minimal fee to the patients. A physician can apply for this service if they fall within these timelines:

  • 1 year prior to the date of retirement
  • 6 months after the date of retirement.

All other physicians that do not fall under this timeline need to refer to the “Currently Retired Physicians” or the “Medical Record Scanning Services” category.

Retiring Specialists

MedRecords will take on the responsibility of picking up2, digitalizing, electronically storing and distributing your electronic copies for 34 years. There is a maximum charge of a $165.00 per banker box1. There is a cost associated with specialist records, because few patients seek access to their specialist records, thus making it challenging for MedRecords to retrieve their cost. However, there is no charge for specialist with electronic records.  

Currently Retired Physicians

MedRecords will store up to 50GB for 35 years for a one-time fee of $2,000. For each additional GB, there will be a one-time charge of $50.

Physicians Using Electronic Records

MedRecords will store and distribute your records at no cost to you. Your patients will be charged a small fee for records requests.

Medical Record Scanning Services

MedRecords offers a competitive scanning rate at $165 per banker box. This includes:

  • Pick up2
  • Basic Processing (staples/paper clip removal)
  • Standard Scanning (200 DPI, Duplex, B&W, all paper sizes)
  • Legal Destruction

For an exact quote, MedRecords would require an on-site estimate where a physician must be present. Please note that you may be eligible for reimbursement of scanning costs during the distribution process.

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1Banker box’s dimension are: 10"H x 12"W x 15"D
2Pick-up does not include the placing of records into banker boxes. Additional transportation costs may apply depending on your location