How to access the PAS Panel Registry

Step #1:

  • You will need to create your BC Provider ID through OneHealthID if you do not already have one. This is critically important, as it is the key to log into the attachment system. Part of this process is creating your password for your BC Provider ID.
  • To do this you will need to download the BC Services Card App.

Step #2:

  • Once you have created your BC Provider ID through OneHealthID and have entered that information into the PAS, you will need to authenticate your information through the Microsoft Authenticator App. Further information can be found here.
  • Medical directors will go into the Clinic and Providers Registry in the PAS, update, or add information about your clinic. You can delegate this to your medical office assistant or another team member. To do this, you will need to submit an endorsement. More information on this can be found below.
  • Physicians will go into the Panel Registry in the PAS and identify if you are accepting new patients, and if so, how many. When you submit your panel through MSP Teleplan or Dr.Bill, the panel registry will be populated with this information. Providers who submitted their panels before late August will see them in the Panel Registry.

You can also learn more about the steps to access the PAS in this infographic. The PAS setup steps for physicians are outlined in this infographic.

Medical directors: A step-by-step guide for Medical Directors is available here

Submitting an endorsement through the PAS

If physicians want to delegate responsibilities in the PAS to someone in their clinic who is not a doctor or registered nurse practitioner, they must complete the endorsement process in OneHealthID. The endorsement process can be initiated by the endorser or the endorsee. Once the endorsement process has been initiated, the other party will receive an email asking them to confirm the endorsement. 

Infographics on the endorsement process can be found here:

You can also contact the OneHealthID Service Desk for support: