Managing your EMR

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems can be challenging to navigate. We work in partnership with FPSC's Practice Support Program (PSP) to support physicians every step of the way as they move between choosing and using an EMR, switching EMRs, to eventually retiring or closing their practice.

Click the sections below to access resources for managing and optimizing the use of your EMR.

Our health technology team is also available to support physicians and teams undertake both foundational and quality improvement activities to unlock the potential of their EMR.  at to get connected to a support team member.

Technical troubleshooting

Your EMR vendor’s help desk should always be the first point of contact to report a technical issue related to your EMR. Common EMR technical issues can include:

  • Trouble connecting to your EMR

  • Slow performance

  • Problems importing scans or sending faxes from your EMR

In some cases, a local IT support person may need to assist. When a solution to an issue cannot be found or is unresolved in a timely manner, you can contact DTO and we will work with your vendor or another third-party to help troubleshoot.

We have resources and supports available to help you and your practice team with the process of developing and submitting your list of empanelled patients. 

Get started

Your EMR is a key tool for your practice. Learn how to get started using the basic functions of your EMR.

Optimize your EMR

Learn how to use your EMR more effectively and leverage tools and supports to help simplify workflows and improve proficiency.

Migrate your EMR data

Data migrations can be complex and challenging. We can help guide you through the process, including how to prepare your EMR data and avoid common issues.

Store your EMR records

If you’re closing your practice or retiring, you’ll need to think about what to do with your paper and/or electronic medical records. Click here to find tips for ensuring a smooth transition and learn more about MedRecords, a service endorsed by Doctors of BC for digital storage of records.

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