Parental Leave Program

New PLP Funding

The maximum weekly entitlement amount will increase to $1,300 (previously $1,000) for any leave taken starting April 1, 2023. PLP claims with a start date in the 2022-23 fiscal year (April 1st 2022-March 31st 2023) will be provided a lump sum top up payment after your claim is completed for any weeks of leave taken from April 1, 2023. Administrative staff will contact the physicians affected.

The Doctors of BC Parental Leave Program pays a benefit for up to 17 weeks. If both you and your partner are physicians, both of you can claim a benefit and take your leaves either together or consecutively. Leave(s) can start up to 12 weeks before the expected birth or placement date of your child and must begin no later than 17 weeks after the birth or placement date.

The Parental Leave Program (PLP) covers leaves taken as a result of:

  • Pregnancy of an eligible physician or the physician’s spouse.

  • An adoption of a child.

  • A surrogacy arrangement.

You must have been paid on a fee-for-service basis, sessional basis, and/or LFP Payment Model by MSP or through a non-salaried service contract in: 

  • The prior calendar year to the commencement of the leave, or

  • In the 12 months prior to your child's birth date 

You are not eligible if you:

  • Are a salaried physician (benefit should be received directly from employer as per the Provincial Salary Agreement).

  • Are receiving a parental benefit from another program.

The benefit is calculated on the greater of 55% of your:

  • Eligible income in the 12 months prior to your child's birth date to
  • Eligible income in the 12 months prior to your leave start date 

The maximum benefit is $1,300 per week for 17 weeks. The 17 weeks do not have to be taken consecutively. You have 52 weeks from the start date of your leave to claim as many of the 17 eligible weeks as possible.

Benefits must be greater than $25 per week to be payable.

Eligible income does not include: Salary, Administrative, Learning and Teaching related, Resident/Fellow Salary, MOCAP, ICBC, WCB, Privately Funded, Federally Funded, Premium Top-ups, Retention, Stipends, Expense Reimbursements.

Before a benefit payment will be made, you need to make an online declaration stating the number of hours of eligible income you worked in the week:

  • 0-2 hours = Full - you will be paid 100% of the benefit for weeks in which you do not bill eligible fee for service, sessional or service contract income. 
  • 2-15 hours = Partial - You will be paid 50% of the benefit for any week(s) in which you bill fewer than 15 hours. 
  • >15 Hours = Not Eligible - You will not be paid the benefit for any week(s) in which you bill 15 hours or more. 
  • Benefits are payable Bi-Weekly via direct deposit.
  • A declaration must be made online at My Account: Make your declaration here
  • To receive the PLP benefit, you must apply no later than 12 weeks after the child's date of birth or placement.
  • Claims must be completed no later than 52 weeks following the start date of your leave.

A T4A will be issued for the PLP benefit. This amount must be included in your personal income. A T4A will not be issued for PLP benefits paid to a corporation.

  • You are eligible for a membership dues reduction if your Parental Leave will be greater than 3 months (please indicate on the application form).
  • The dues are reduced at different rates depending on your total months of leave (3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months).
  • Please wait to pay your dues until you are notified that the reduction has been processed.
  • You will receive a pro-rated refund if dues have already been paid.


For applications and more information

Please read the plan outline, complete the application form and email to

The deadline to apply is no later than 12 weeks after the child’s birth or placement date however, applying prior to the birth or placement date will ensure an administrator can track your application and send appropriate reminders.

If you have any questions, please email or call 604-638-2969.