Closing Your Practice

Whether physicians are closing down their practices due to retirement or for other reasons, it is a major undertaking requiring a lot of planning.

The following are resources that can help with closing or retiring from practice. More information will be made available soon.

Templates for closing your practice

The following are editable templates that can you can customize to help you communicate your retirement or leave from practice.

Notifying patients, colleagues, and associations of your departure 

Notifying patients and ending the doctor-patient relationship

It is recommended that patients be advised of your leaving, if possible, at least three months prior to your departure date to allow them ample time to make alternate care arrangements. 

To keep your patients informed, download the following patient notification letter templates.

Departure notices

It is important to ensure that your departure is not only widely communicated to your patients, but also among colleagues, health care partners, and professional associations. This will ensure a smooth departure out of the system with minimal disruption to patients and colleagues.

The following templates can help you communicate your plans for retirement or other leave to the right people.

Other helpful resources

BC Resources

For professional advice on retirement and estate planning, contact MD Financial Management.

Divisions of Family Practice Resources

Ontario Medical Association Resources