Our leadership team directs and guides Doctors of BC staff, working alongside the Board of Directors to support the strategic direction of the association. They are responsible for:

  • Providing excellence in services that add value to BC’s doctors, residents, and medical students 
  • Creating and maintaining a supportive organization, 
  • Ensuring that Doctors of BC is a great place to work, and
  • Ensuring the organization is fiscally sound

To connect with members of our leadership team, e-mail us at or call 1 800 665 2262.

Leadership Team

  • Jim Aikman, Interim Chief Executive Officer
  • Marisa Adair, Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs 
  • Dr Sam Bugis, Vice President, Physician Affairs & Specialist Practice
  • Dr Brenda Hefford, Vice President, Physician Affairs & Community Practice 
  • Linda Lemke, Vice President, Engagement and Quality Improvement
  • Sinden Luciuk, Vice President, Members' Products & Services
  • Tom Rapanakis, Vice President, Physician Health Program
  • Deborah Viccars, Vice President, Policy & Planning & Law
  • Amanda Corcoran, Chief People & Technology Officer
  • Paul Straszak, Chief Negotiator
  • Sarah Vergis, Chief Financial Officer
  • Blake Allenby, Director, Information Technology
  • Margaret English, Director, Joint Collaborative Committees Alignment 
  • Alana Godin, Director, Primary and Community Care Transformation
  • Rob Hulyk, Director, Physician Advocacy
  • Dawn Lake, Director, Digital Health Strategy 
  • Adrian Leung, Director, Quality Impact
  • Tod MacPherson, Director, Negotiations
  • Cindy Myles, Director, Facility & Community Engagement
  • Tanya Sieffert, Director, People & Strategy