Rural Programs Guide and Resources

This guide outlines the programs available to rural physicians. These include:

  • Rural Retention Program (RRP)
  • Isolation Allowance Fund (IAF)
  • Northern & Isolation Travel Assistance Outreach Program (NITAOP)
  • Rural GP Locum Program (RGPLP)
  • Rural Education Action Plan (REAP)
  • Rural Emergency Enhancement Fund (REEF)
  • Rural Continuing Medical Education (RCME)
  • Recruitment Incentive Fund (RIF)
  • Recruitment Contingency Fund (RCF)

These programs were created through the Subsidiary Agreement for Physicians in Rural Practice. Contact Christina Beck at for more information.

Resource-Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc)

The RCCbc develops and supports strategies that improve the health of individuals and rural communities.