Regional Advisors and Advocates (RAAs)

Advocating for you in your communities

Doctors of BC has a team of Regional Advisors and Advocates (RAAs) who support physicians in the communities where you live and work. They are your first point of contact to assist you in seeking services and support from Doctors of BC.
Specifically, your RAA will:

1. Advise and Advocate for you by:

  • Assisting with issues locally, with the health authority, and provincially.
  • Supporting you with complaints or discipline issues to ensure you are treated fairly and proper processes are followed.
  • Providing individual and group contract support.
  • Representing you as the regional staff contact for the new Memorandum of Agreement on Physical and Psychological Safety in the PMA.

2. Inform you about Doctors of BC initiatives and other local, regional or provincial issues by:

  • Providing information and answering questions about the PMA.
  • Promoting the Health Authority Engagement Survey and sharing the results.
  • Updating you on opportunities for involvement in Doctors of BC initiatives, projects, and committees.

3. Connect you to Doctors of BC services, resources, and benefits by:

  • Providing expertise with MSP, WorkSafeBC, and ICBC billing and payment challenges.
  • Linking you to resources and supports such as the Physician Health Program, Audit and Billing support, and Negotiations.

Get to know your Regional Advisor and Advocate (RAA):

Eileen JanelMs Eileen Janel, Fraser:

I am passionate about driving positive change through physician advocacy and engagement. As a RAA, I serve as a local advocate in navigating complex situations and providing a safe and effective space to dialogue on current and relevant topics. Each day brings the opportunity to network and bring partners together across various sectors, to learn new ways of doing things, and to take on new challenges. My ultimate goal is to support physicians in doing what is best for their patients, colleagues, and the healthcare system as a whole.


Brent WeissMr Brent Weiss, Interior:

Working with doctors to help them achieve their goals and improve patient care makes me feel as though I’m indirectly contributing to the delivery of care. I love that part of my job and I love the regional aspect – the different communities, the unique needs and the mix of rural and urban sites. In my role I’ve helped improve doctors’ work environments and inter-physician relationships which in turn lets them focus on what matters most – patient care. And if I can make any small change, for one doctor or a group of doctors, to me that is success.


Leanne BulmerMs Leanne Bulmer, Island:

As the newest member of the Regional Advocacy Team on Vancouver Island, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to provide support to physicians and communities.





Michelle PeleMs Michelle Pele, North:

I appreciate the importance of community and regional issues that doctors in the Northern rural settings are faced with. I understand the value of building effective collaborative relationships as well as navigating complex pathways and improving physician work environments. I take pride in supporting the physicians that work in the north and assisting to effectively resolve difficult complex situations and improve patient care. I have extensive experience in conflict resolution and managing issues in a pro-active manner to mitigate risk before it occurs. 


Ms Rachel Lee, Vancouver & Coast: 

Drawing from my experience in direct patient care and conflict resolution, I believe in the importance of providing physicians with supportive environments where they feel valued and respected, enabling them to focus on delivering quality care. As a Regional Advisor and Advocate, I find fulfillment in facilitating advocacy efforts, forging partnerships, and tackling diverse challenges to enhance the healthcare landscape for both physicians and patients. .


Christine StrangMs Christine Strang, Provincial Health Services Authority

Supporting physicians through complex issues while ensuring they are provided with a safe space to discuss their situation is important to me. I am passionate about promoting change through advocacy/engagement and helping physicians reach their goals. My favourite part of my job is getting to work with physicians to advocate for change that directly effects their workplace and in turn frees up their capacity to focus on patient care. I appreciate and understand the unique needs of the programs within PHSA and enjoy finding solutions to a wide variety of issues.