Physicians speaking

A culture of trust, development and reputation

We will build trust through:

  • Assuming that each of us is speaking from a place of good intent.
  • Acknowledging and accepting our imperfection; individual and collective.
  • Speaking from a place of a wise mind; validate feelings, speak from a place of fact.
  • Being open in dialogue.
  • Speak externally with a unified and positive voice.
  • A collective and individual commitment to humility.
  • A collective focus on our need and desire to serve all of our members and deliver on our strategic plan.

We will develop through:

  • Allowing each of us to feel comfortable to speak to our knowledge gaps.
  • Empowering each of us to offer and accept mentoring, individually and collectively.
  • Delivering a place of critical solidarity – creating a safe place to grow through improved trust.
  • Formal learning; individual and collective.

We will build the external reputation of our board through:

  • Speaking to external leaders positively of the board.
  • Inviting more leaders as guests to the board table.
  • Bringing ourselves closer to our staff – bring staff to the board table, encourage staff to speak up with their knowledge and insight.
  • Working more closely with the societies.