Get Your Flu Shot
November 18, 2022

According to Health Canada, the country is officially in the midst of a flu epidemic – an early onset of flu season and an increase in the number of influenza cases above what is normally expected. And here in BC, health officials are warning of a surge in respiratory...

Get Your Flu Shot
October 13, 2022

With the province bracing for what’s predicted to be a bad flu season, British Columbians are strongly encouraged to protect themselves and those around them by getting a flu shot. In fact, getting vaccinated against influenza is especially vital this year as our...

Kids going back to school
September 1, 2022

With fall and the return to school upon us, health experts are reminding us all about the importance of continuing to take precautions to protect ourselves against COVID-19 and other seasonal viruses.

Take precautions

Drinking water on an afternoon hike
July 22, 2022

BC’s Public Safety Ministry is warning British Columbians to have a heat plan ready as temperatures reach possibly the hottest of the season so far in many parts of the province. The temperatures could also feel especially hot after a relatively cool and wet couple of...

Boy beating the heat wave
June 24, 2022

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement warning of warmer-than-average temperatures for most of BC. While no specific heat warning is in effect and temperatures aren’t expected to reach the record-breaking ones of last year’s heat dome, some...