Billing & Audit Tips and Resources

Billing the Medical Services Plan (MSP) for your services is a complex process. The following are some helpful billing and audit resources stemming from the most common errors revealed during on-site audits:


A regular column on Billing Tips appears in the BC Medical Journal, and provides information on the most common billing errors discovered during practice reviews and audits.


  • The Doctors of BC Fee Guide is updated regularly, and lists the services insured by MSP as well as provides recommended private fees for Non-MSP insured services. For information on how to interpret insured services, please refer to the guide’s preamble.

  • The Family Practice Services Committee’s billing guide includes incentive payments available to BC’s eligible family physicians.

  • The Specialist Services Committee fees are processed through the Medical Services Plan; however, they are managed by the SSC.

  • The MSP Tutor has been developed by government to help you and your office staff so they understand how to correctly bill claims for medical services to MSP, plus it includes a number of tutorials that contain important information for billing specific services to MSP.

  • The Reference Committee assists physicians in MSP billing disputes and is the last step in the appeal process.


Documenting/Charting for Billing

The Billing Integrity Program (BIP) bases its audit decisions primarily on the degree of documentation within a patient’s medical record. Medical inspectors look for proper documentation to support MSP “fee for service” items, and inadequate documentation can be interpreted as “no benefit” having been provided.  Learn more…



Medical records must clearly reflect the separation of benefit and non-benefit services. It is advisable that when conducting non-benefit work, you do so during a separate visit and you do not combine non-benefit work with a visit that involves benefit work. Learn more…


Hiring and Billing for Locums

Hiring a locum can provide you with the flexibility you require when taking time away from your practice for extended periods of time. However, it is important that when hiring a locum, certain steps are taken to ensure both you and your locum are protected in case of an audit. Learn more…