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Our bi-annual Benchmark Member Survey seeks your thoughts and opinions on areas where we are providing you excellent value and areas where we can make improvements. It is a key piece in our commitment to better understanding your needs and what’s important to you, and the feedback we receive helps shape how we continue to improve our services for members.

2021 Benchmark Member Survey

The results from the 2021 Benchmark Member Survey* showed that even in the midst of a challenging and unprecedented year, overall members are happy with Doctors of BC and the way in which we represent you and keep you informed. You also identified areas where we can improve – some are similar to what we heard in the last member survey, such as being better at listening and responding to your needs, and in which work to address this is ongoing, and others are pre-existing challenges amplified or exacerbated by the pandemic. 

What We Heard Report
Full survey results

2018 Benchmark Member Survey

The majority of participants told us they feel positive about Doctors of BC and the way we represent members. Generally, you feel well-informed about the organization’s activities, and feel you know where to access information you need and/or don’t have. While the numbers on information-sharing get stronger, we can continue to do better at showing you we understand your views and what is important to you – an area that is being emphasized as we move forward in the coming year through our strategic framework. When it comes to issues of importance, respondents pointed to taxes, higher costs, patient volume, audits, and practice changes, along with impatience with slow progress on system improvements as key concerns. 

Full survey results

2016 Benchmark Member Survey

Responses from this survey will be important in the development of our 2017 Three-Year Strategic Plan. Staff will use the feedback received as they develop and enhance our member programs and services. We are committed to providing the highest degree of professional satisfaction and best value to you, and to all of our members. The input provided through this survey will help us to do that.

Full survey results
Summary fact sheet of the key results and findings


*Delayed one year due to the pandemic