Doctors of BC negotiates a number of benefits with the government of BC on physicians' behalf. These benefits help you defray some of the costs of practicing as a physician (reimbursing you, at least partially, for some expenses), help you prepare for retirement, and help you lead a more balanced family life.

These include: 


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The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) Rebate program provides members of CMPA with a partial reimbursement of their fees. No application is required.

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Fund assists you with your continuing medical educational expenses. No application is required.

The Contributory Professional Retirement Savings Plan (CPRSP) provides you with funds for your retirement. You’ll need to apply to this plan.

Physician Health and Safety

Doctors of BC is committed to supporting the health and safety of physicians. We do this on two fronts by:

The Rural Education Action Plan (REAP the training needs of physicians, medical residents, and medical students in rural practice. You’ll need to apply to this plan.

The Parental Leave Program (PLP) provides income during a parental leave taken as a result of pregnancy, a surrogacy arrangement, or an adoption of a child. You’ll need to apply to this program.

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