Business Corner
funding stability
April 25, 2024

The costs of operating a practice are significant. Doctors of BC’s Business Pathways program has partnered with multiple vendors from across the legal, financial, and clinic management industries to provide trusted business services with preferred member rates through Doctors of BC’s Club MD. ...

Expense sharing
April 16, 2024

To continue to build on physician’s knowledge about running their clinic, Doctors of BC's Business Pathways program recently hosted the second session in the Business Clinic series, “Practical advice for leasing or owning a practice,” with returning speaker, Cameron Funnell, from Watson Goepel...

Business Pathways
April 2, 2024

Doctors of BC's Business Pathways program recently hosted a webinar, “A legal look into incorporation and agreements,” with a guest speaker from Watson Goepel LLP. 

Recorded webinar Slide deck

As the first webinar in the Business Clinic series, this webinar outlines the fundamental...

March 1, 2024

Is your practice well-equipped to deal with bullying, harassment, or discrimination complaints? To help doctors navigate through workplace disagreements, Business Pathways recently hosted a webinar, “Foundational strategies for managing bullying and harassment in your practice,” with guest...

conflict management
January 23, 2024

Business Pathways welcomes guest writer, Cherolyn Knapp. Cherolyn is a lawyer, conflict resolution consultant, mediator, workplace investigator, and the founder of Knapp Resolutions which offers tailor-made conflict and dispute resolution processes and training for workplaces, organizations, and...