About Us

Doctors of BC is a voluntary association of more than 16,000 physicians, residents, and medical students in British Columbia.

Doctors of BC Strategic Plan 2024-2029
Our strategic plan guides us in our work to transform the health care system and improve patient care. 


Working together, we support BC’s doctors to be leaders in delivering and improving patient care.


Doctors making a difference for patients by:

  • Providing quality patient-centred, culturally safe care.

  • Being trusted leaders and partners in health care system transformation.

  • Achieving professional satisfaction by feeling valued.


Better together. We are:

  • Caring

  • Pursuing excellence

  • Courageous

  • Inclusive

​​​Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

Doctors of BC is committed to advancing truth and reconciliation across the profession in alignment with the Declaration of Commitment — Cultural Safety and Humility in Health Services Delivery for First Nations and Indigenous people in BC, signed in 2019.

Direction and priorities

  • Increase the influence of the physician voice.

  • Promote physician health, wellness, and safety.

  • Ensure fair compensation and provide business support.

  • Engage members on the future of the profession and the culture of medicine.


Equity. Support all members to access the same participation opportunities at Doctors of BC without barriers. Apply an equity lens to all aspects of our work.

Modernization. Provide exceptional and easily accessible services to our members, recruit and retain great staff, and assist physicians in modernizing their practices.

Sustainability. Consider the environmental impact of our work, and the sustainability of the health care system. Respect the capacity of physicians and Doctors of BC staff in our work.

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