Working for Change

Doctors of BC advocates for physicians so that they can provide the highest standard of care to their patients.

We do this in many different ways – through negotiations, by influencing health system policy, and by helping them navigate professional issues that impact their ability to provide the best quality care. We also advocate for health promotion to influence positive change in population health.

Creating strong policy positions is key to successful advocacy. It means we can be consistent and focused in our approach, ensuring that we are addressing issues of the highest priority to our members.

Doctors of BC advocates at all levels:

Provincial – as an organization, we connect regularly with the provincial government and other health-care related organizations to ensure the profession’s voice is heard and has an impact on decision-making. We also work at the provincial level with media to enhance the reputation of the profession.

Regional and local – our teams supports physicians to work with health authority leaders to develop solutions to regional and local needs through Divisions of Family Practice, Medical Staff Associations, and with the support of our Regional Advocates and Advisors.

Federal – we work with the Canadian Medical Association which leads on advocacy at the national level with the federal government.

When communicating with the provincial government, Health Authorities, partners, and media, our goal is to try and reach a solution together, striving to meet the best interests of all – doctors, patients and the health care system as a whole.