Having dedicated IT expertise to help manage accounts, keep hardware and software up to date, and monitor network activity is key to maintaining your clinic’s security posture. The Security Lead is a person with IT expertise that supports the clinic’s Privacy Officer and is responsible for implementing technological safeguards to protect patient information. This role requires professional experience in information technology and knowledge of industry standards for hardware and software in clinical settings. 

Typical duties include:

  • Installing and removing hardware and software

  • Technical troubleshooting

  • Ongoing monitoring and oversight of technology safeguards

  • Supporting business continuity planning and disaster recovery

Clinics may choose different support models depending on their size or needs. It is highly recommended to contract a professional IT support to act as your clinic’s security lead. Refer to this template for help choosing an IT support provider that will meet your clinic’s needs.

The Doctors Technology Office is an initiative of the Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC), a joint partnership of Doctors of BC and the Government and BC.