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The Board

The role of the Board is to oversee the activities and internal affairs of the Association and set its strategic direction and policies. The Board is comprised of our President and President-Elect, both of whom are elected by the membership, along with seven Directors-at-Large who are nominated by the membership and elected by the Representative Assembly.

The Board is committed to work in a culture of optimism, respect and understanding. Read about Our Board Culture here

To connect with the Board of Directors, e-mail our President, Dr Ahmer Karimuddin, at or our Chair, at

For additional information on our Board, please contact Christine Donnelly at: .

Board Members

Dr Ahmer Karimuddin
Dr Ahmer Karimuddin
Dr Charlene Lui
Dr Elizabeth Swiggum
Chair of the Board
Dr Adam Thompson Dr Dan Horvat Dr Karin Kausky

Dr Adam Thompson
Vice Chair

Dr Dan Horvat
Dr Karin Kausky
Dr Kelsey Louie

Dr William Abelson

Dr John Hwang