Find a doctor

A strong primary care system, centered on continuous doctor-patient relationships, leads to the best health outcomes for patients, but many British Columbians are unable to find a family doctor due to physician shortages.

How do I find a family doctor?

Many Divisions of Family Practice offer a service to connect patients to a family doctor. Please contact your local Division for more information. Additionally, patients can find further information at HealthLink BC, by dialing 8-1-1. HealthLink BC will work with you to determine if there is a physician attachment service in your community. They can also provide information on Walk In Clinics and Urgent and Primary Care Centres.

You can also check the Pathways Medical Care Directory.

If you are looking for care today, go to the "Find Care" search and enter your city or town to see a map of available options..

If you are pregnant and looking for a maternity care provider, go to the "Find a Maternity Care Provider" search and enter your city or town.

What is Doctors of BC doing to help recruit and retain physicians?

Doctors of BC works with the Ministry of Health and community partners to address these workforce challenges. 

Doctors of BC also provides analysis and recommendations to address physician workforce challenges in policy papers on Health Human Resources. We also welcome the building of collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams and the establishment and deployment of physician assistants (PAs) as one way to address the shortage of health resources.

Physician leaders participating on Doctors of BC committees are continually looking for efficiencies and improvements to allow doctors to streamline processes in their offices, and provide care for as many individuals as possible.