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August 14, 2019
This live webinar session will discuss the implications of cannabis legalization in Canada, professional standards and guidelines for marijuana for...

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During her presidency, Dr Kathleen Ross will be writing about her experiences and thoughts.

Awestruck: A Doctor's Day Reflection
April 29, 2019

May 1st is Doctors’ Day in Canada, and I wanted to let you know how I feel – a message you deserve to hear, or at least deserve to hear more than you may.
You are amazing.

Over the course of this year I have had the pleasure of meeting colleagues from all over BC. I knew...

Dr Eric Cadesky
April 16, 2019

This year it has been my pleasure to serve as your president of Doctors of BC. I began my term with certain expectations and am delighted at how many physicians accepted the offer to freely write to me. And what did you and your colleagues want to talk about? Without attributing the source of...

Shake it off
March 28, 2019
(with apologies to Taylor Swift)

We stay up too late
checking EMR labs eh
That's what doctors say
uh huh 
that's what doctors say
uh huh

we do unpaid labour in the back 
filling forms out by the stack
and they say I gotta fax mmm mmm...

March 12, 2019

If you want to give away your age, tell me what Artificial Intelligence (AI) means to you. Is it HAL9000’s red eye? The self-aware evil of Skynet? An extra-creepy Haley Joel Osment? Or is it a screen that recommends a movie to you with 97% confidence or getting 500 reviews and the exact location...

Diversity and Inclusion
March 1, 2019

The past few years have seen major ongoing change at Doctors of BC – and in healthcare in general – with a new governance structure, primary care reform, team-based care and the negotiation of a new Physician Master Agreement. While these changes take place, it is important that we hear from as...