Longitudinal family physicians on other payment models than the LFP Payment Model who meet requirements of the CLFP Payment 2023 will need to submit their patient panels through their EMR or Dr.Bill by March 31, 2024, and do the required work, to be eligible for the CLFP Payment 2023. Additionally, longitudinal family physicians eligible for the CLFP Payment 2023 and who submit their patient panels by March 31, 2024 are eligible for the Panel Registry Payment. 

The PAS is another step in our journey to revitalize and strengthen family medicine. It will:

  • Help unattached patients who need a family doctor.
  • Help doctors who are building new practices or expanding their panels.
  • Measure system progress and identify capacity so that communities can more effectively plan for the future.

CLFP payment information

In addition, participation in the PAS will be part of the eligibility requirements for the Community Longitudinal Family Physician (CLFP) Payment this year. Non-LFP physicians will need to submit their list of empaneled patients through MSP Teleplan by March 31, 2024. While the CLFP Payment 2023 will be based on Majority Source of Care (MSOC) methodology, future CLFP Payments (for Fee-for-Service physicians and eligible AP physicians) will be calculated based on panel data in the PAS. In the future, it is important that physicians populate their panel data into the PAS for accurate calculation of the CLFP Payments. Please see the FPSC website for more information about the 2023 CLFP Payment.