Doctors of BC 2023 Report to Members

March 18, 2024

The Doctors of BC 2023 Report to Members summarizes the efforts of hundreds of BC doctors working on dozens of committees, the Board, and the Representative Assembly, as well as the dedicated team at Doctors of BC that supports them.

This year, the report has five highlight stories illustrating the association’s continuing efforts on behalf of all physicians in British Columbia:

  • Shaping the future: Our new strategic plan

  • Increasing value and convenience for members

  • Advocating for specialists

  • Improving primary care: Longitudinal Family Physician Payment Model and Health Connect Registry

  • Responding to challenges in BC hospitals

The 2023 Report to Members also contains reports from the CEO, the President, the Chair of the Board, and the Speaker of the Representative Assembly—detailing the association’s successes and challenges. Also included—and spanning four pages—is a list of all the members who served on the association’s many committees.

The report is available now on our Report to Members webpage