DTO – Technology Support for Doctors

April 5, 2016

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and other technologies will continue to be integral to the delivery of health care. To ensure technical challenges do not interfere with a doctor’s practice, BC doctors can now access technical support through the new Doctors Technology Office (DTO), a joint program of the Doctors of BC and the BC government. The initiative is funded by the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) and the Specialist Services Committee (SSC).

DTO is a resource dedicated for you to assist with major unresolved technical issues such as accessing EMRs from hospitals or facilities, or connecting EMRs and local networks. When a solution cannot be found or resolved in a timely manner through your EMR vendor, contact DTO. They will work with other partners towards finding a solution on your behalf.

In addition, the office works directly with doctors and in collaboration with provincial partners (including the Ministry of Health, Health Authorities, EMR vendors, Health Shared Services BC, and others) to ensure your needs are being taken into account in designing and delivering technology solutions for health care in BC. 

DTO is also an information resource. It investigates new technology and provides solutions to reduce security and performance impacts. For example, DTO issues bulletins in direct response to technical issues experienced by clinics or the health care sector.  

We encourage doctors to contact DTO - Technology Solutions and Support at 604 638 5841 or .