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Be a part of the change – call for nominations now open

May 18, 2017

As we continue towards implementation of our new governance structure, now is your opportunity to be a part of the change – to get involved with or help form the new Representative Assembly (RA). On Wednesday, May 10th, members would have received a call for nominations for President-Elect and for the following RA Delegate Positions:

  • District Delegates – 20 positions (two per district – one GP and one specialist)
  • Rural Delegates – 4 positions (two GPs and two specialists)
  • First Nations Delegates – 2 positions (one GP and one specialist)

This call for nominations marks phase one in our nomination and election process during which members will both nominate and elect candidates for the above positions. The nomination window is open until 11:59pm on June 12th, 2017; elections will then open on June 26th, 2017.

Now is the opportunity for anyone who has ever thought about or been inspired to contribute to the greater good of the profession to get involved. It is a transformative time and a chance for you to be a part of the bigger change. Every voice can make a meaningful difference – yours included!

More information on how to submit nominations, on phase two of the nomination and election process, on RA role descriptions and on how you can ensure you’re eligible to vote in upcoming elections can be found here.

I encourage you all to get involved – help shape the future of our Association. We are “Better Together”.

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