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Strategic Plan 2014-16

November 21, 2013

The Board of Directors has approved a 3-year strategic plan for implementation beginning in January 2014. The plan’s priorities are the result of a year long process in which board members weighed and prioritized the needs of the profession.

Why is a strategic plan important? Because it provides clear goals for our organization and it describes the path by which we will achieve those goals. It ensures we stay focused on providing maximum value to our members.

You will see in this plan that the association will continue to do the work that we already do – such as negotiations, member benefits and services. The plan also shows where we hope to make significant strides forward – to achieve quality patient care by promoting engagement, collaboration, and physician leadership.

With an engaged medical profession, we will be more influential in bringing about positive change for our patients and for the health care system.

The plan spells out a number of initiatives we will take to build engagement with physicians, government, and partners. Methods will be developed to measure effectiveness of programs and to ensure accountability and value to members.

The strategic plan identifies three main areas of focus:

  1. Engaging with Members and Partners 
    How we will engage with physicians, assist physicians locally, and engage with partners
  2. Providing Member Services 
    What we will do to pursue fair economic rewards, provide trusted, cost effective services, and influence improved patient care
  3. Creating and Maintaining a Supportive Organization
    How we will be a great place to work that is managed in a fiscally sound way, while providing excellence in service that adds value to doctors

A copy of the plan is available here.