Health Authority Engagement Survey 2023: Share your voice, and drive positive change in BC health care

September 11, 2023

Now in its eighth year, Doctors of BC’s Health Authority Engagement Survey will be open from September 12 until October 11, 2023. This important survey provides our members with the opportunity to give honest feedback on the challenges, successes, and concerns that influence your daily working lives. 2023 continues to present difficulties for BC physicians, indeed all health care workers and British Columbians, and your candid input provides a roadmap for Doctors of BC’s advocacy efforts.

Your voice matters

Your responses help Doctors of BC build and focus programs and policies to effectively support work taking place within health authorities and advocate for what you need. Doctors of BC is committed to leveraging your feedback to create more equitable, safe, and respectful working environments. Fiona Dalton, CEO of Providence Health, says that the survey is a vital tool:

“There are so many different aspects to creating this kind of organization, but one of the crucial factors is to ensure that people feel heard in an organization – that they feel that their voice matters. I know we don’t always get this right, but this survey is one of the ways in which we try to achieve this.”

The data we collect shapes how we advocate on your behalf with the provincial government, health authorities, and healthcare stakeholders in the province. The survey has supported improvements in physician psychological and physical safety services, and the provision of tailored assistance for the Divisions of Family Practice and MSAs in their interactions with health authorities. Building on this foundation, your feedback this year will support Doctors of BC’s efforts to advocate on your behalf with Health Authorities and the Ministry of Health for tangible improvements to help you deliver care. Doctors of BC will also be publishing updates for members on progress being made as well as ongoing issues facing physicians in BC’s hospitals.

Doctors of BC President-Elect, Dr Ahmer Karimuddin, currently working in Providence Health, added that:

“Every physician deserves an opportunity to work in a health care environment that values their work, and provides them a safe place to practice medicine. Using this as a tool over time, hospitals and physicians can work together to make the workplace safer and improve physician wellbeing”.

How to take part 

Members will receive an email invitation from on Tuesday September 12 with the subject line: “Doctors of BC Health Authority Engagement Survey 2023.” This email contains a link to the survey, that is being conducted by TWI Surveys. Please be assured that the results will be aggregated in a way that maintains member confidentiality and anonymity.

What kind of questions are being asked?

For 2023, there are nine engagement questions regarding physical and psychological health and safety.

We are also adding three open-ended questions specific to concerns we are hearing about:

  • Your priorities and resourcing needs at your local facility/hospital

  • Your experiences with physical and/or psychological incidents at work

  • Challenges you face regarding work/life balance

The deadline to complete the survey is midnight, October 11, 2023. After completing the survey, you have the option to enter a draw to win one of two $1,000 gift cards to either Amazon or Best Buy.

If you cannot find the survey in your inbox or junk/spam mail, please email . To see past Health Authority Engagement Survey results, take a look at our previous survey reports.