10 Years, 2,400 Doctors, 29,000 British Columbians: Walk with your Doc starts this week

May 1, 2019

Join the event that gets people moving: Walk with your Doc. This annual walking event sees doctors, along with physiotherapists, nurse practitioners, paramedics, and medical office assistants, lead their patients and community members in short walks in an informal setting while talking to them about the value of staying active.    

Walk%20with%20your%20DocWalk with Your Doc demonstrates that walking is an activity that people of all ages and ability levels can take part in to help them lead a healthy lifestyle. This is one of a number of programs Doctors of BC is committed to that promotes health and wellness around the province.

Walk with your Doc take place May 4 – 12, 2019 with a Kick-Off event hosted by Doctors of BC President, Dr Eric Cadesky, Saturday, May 4 at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. For information on all the walks taking place around the province, visit walkwithyourdoc.ca.