Virtual care guides for patients

June 12, 2020

It is important that patients connect with their doctors when they need care. Since the onset of COVID-19, some patients have been delaying visits to their physicians which is concerning especially if they have chronic or complex health conditions. Even while physicians are slowly increasing the number of in-patient visits, virtual care (through telephone and/or video conference) continues to be available so that patients can get the care they need.   

Getting patients back to practice

To support patients and physicians with this new experience, our Doctors Technology Office has created a Getting Patients Back to Practice Guide to support both virtual and combined virtual/in-person care models. The document provides sample communications templates and tips on how to reach out to patients so that they understand what they need to do to engage virtually, and to help physicians proactively re-build patient volumes through proactive outreach.  

A recorded “Back to Practice” webinar is available here.

A range of clinical and practice support tools can be found on the Doctors of BC COVID-19 web page.

Virtual care guide for patients

Virtual%20CareThe Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has partnered with telemedicine experts to put together a series of tools and resources specifically to help patients who are new to the virtual care experience. 

The Virtual Care Guide for Patients explains what to expect and how to prepare for a video visit or other online consultation with their physician. It covers the following topics:

  • The concerns of patients new to virtual care.
  • The types of medical issues suitable for virtual consultation.
  • How to arrange a virtual appointment.
  • How to prepare for the visit.
  • What to have with you during the visit, and
  • What you can expect from the visit. 

Read the guide today and share with your patients if you feel it will be helpful for them.

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