July 14, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives, and how physicians deliver healthcare. This pandemic is an unprecedented event, but it’s important to remember that BC has other healthcare crises that are far more established.

The May 2020 report from the Coroner’s office on Illicit Drug...

Facility Engagement
June 25, 2020

Doctors and health authorities in BC faced many challenges with the arrival of COVID-19. At the start of the pandemic, one significant challenge was the need to have a source of truth and standardized approaches that are so essential to coordinated and efficient medical care. And it needed to...

longitudinal care
June 22, 2020

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”.

Sister Margaret Dyer baths a newborn baby at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, 1942. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Many of us may have been taught that this phrase referred to the medieval...

Outdoor recreation
June 18, 2020

As the weather gets warmer here in BC, many of us will be making vacation plans closer to home this year. The limitations set by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic mean camping trips in provincial parks and private sites are a coveted vacation option for summer 2020.  

Spending time outdoors...

Virtual Care
June 12, 2020

It is important that patients connect with their doctors when they need care. Since the onset of COVID-19, some patients have been delaying visits to their physicians which is concerning especially if they have chronic or complex health conditions. Even while physicians are slowly increasing the...