Physician burdens in light of COVID-19: Have your say

November 29, 2021

Doctors of BC is committed to understanding the diverse needs of our members across British Columbia. In light of the ongoing challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, Doctors of BC is launching a further round of online engagement on physician burdens to hear your feedback. With the pressures and changes caused by this unprecedented crisis, it is important that we continue to understand current member priorities. From November 29 to December 10, members can join the conversation on our Bang The Table website, which has been used in many previous engagement projects.

Physician%20BurdensThe varied and mounting demands that doctors face in their working lives can become disruptive, burdensome, and can have a negative effect on doctors and their practice. Doctors of BC is keen to hear from members on the volume and pace of paperwork, EMR-related tasks, regulatory requirements, and more. Your thoughts and feedback will help our teams gauge potential shifts in member needs and concerns pre-to post-pandemic, and make any necessary adjustments in our work on behalf of BC’s doctors.

Where can I read more about Doctors of BC’s work in this area?

In February 2021, Doctors of BC released a policy statement on physician burdens, informed by valuable member feedback. Members raised issues including the need to look at workplace demands through a cumulative lens, the urgent requirement for short-term solutions, and the need to examine compensation structures, among others. 

You can read the What We Heard reports from our previous online engagements on physician burdens on this page, under the heading: “Access to Care”.

We need your feedback 

We know that physicians are frustrated by growing demands, and the onset of this global health emergency has created major changes in how you work. A long-term, focused approach is need to achieve systemic change.

By engaging with member physicians on a regular basis, we can create policy and shape advocacy strategies that are based on your needs. Your thoughts can help Doctors of BC prioritize what matters to you, and build solutions that work both in the short and long term. 

If members have questions regarding this engagement, please email them to .