Physicians are driving digital health improvements through engagement

June 6, 2024

Physicians are playing an active role in shaping provincial digital health projects, facilitated by Doctors of BC’s Digital Health & Privacy (DH&P) team. Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority, and other partners, the DH&P team provides opportunities for meaningful physician involvement in digital health projects focused on enabling a connected health system. These projects support system-wide interoperability of Electronic Medical Records, clinical systems, and other digital health technologies, and seek to reduce physician burden while supporting quality, patient-centered care.

Meaningful engagement

To ensure that a diverse range of physician voices and expertise can be heard and leveraged, the DH&P team engages with both broad audiences and specialized focused groups on critical topics identified by member feedback and reflected in the provincial digital health strategy. In the first half of 2024, the DH&P team heard from 632 doctors via the following engagements:

Type of engagement number of sessions topic areas

All Member Information Session – these virtual informational webinars provide members with the opportunity to learn about key digital health projects and receive information directly from the project team.

  • Digital Referrals and Orders
All Member Engagement Session – through a variety of touchpoints, including member-wide surveys, interactive webinars, and our online engagement platform (Have Your Say), members provide feedback on priority projects. 2
  • Digital Referrals and Orders
  • Patient Summaries
Clinical Advisory Groups – these smaller diverse groups of physicians provide clinical advice and recommendations on specific priority projects, including validating requirements and identifying workflow considerations. 47
  • Health Gateway
  • Reports Distribution
  • Patient Summaries
  • Digital Referrals and Orders

Priority area

Engaging with members to ensure the physician voice is reflected in the Digital Referrals and Orders (DRO) Program continues to be a priority area. Physicians are currently providing recommendations and strategies to enhance the upcoming implementation of the OceanMD platform. Further, several Clinical Advisory Groups are actively providing input, including collaboratively developing specialty specific referral forms where needed. To date, four specialty referral forms have been developed within OceanMD: Standard Referral (which can be adopted by any user), General Internal Medicine, Audiology, and Gastroenterology.

For more information on physician involvement in this area, please see the DRO Project page on the Doctors of BC Website. If you are already an existing OceanMD user and would like to be an early adopter, please complete this intake form.

Collaboration across partners

The DH&P team works collaboratively with many audiences to support digital health transformation. In February, Doctors of BC’s Vice President of Digital Health & Privacy Officer participated in BC Family Doctors’ Digital Health Panel, which brought leaders together to speak about the role digital health plays in transforming patient care and the health care landscape. The panel discussed both the challenges and opportunities of digitally enabled health care. You can read more about this session in the panel summary.

Get involved

Doctors of BC will be seeking member input on the following projects in the second half of 2024:

  • Digital Referrals and Orders 
  • Virtual Interpreters
  • AI Scribe and AI Patient Summaries

The commitment level will vary by project, and all engagement opportunities for these specific projects will be compensated through sessional payments. To learn about opportunities to share your perspective and expertise to support upcoming digital health projects visit our Engaging with you on Digital Health webpage or contact the DH&P team at .