Pay Transparency Act: What employers need to know

November 15, 2023

The Government of British Columbia recently announced the Pay Transparency Act, effective as of November 1, 2023, which applies to all BC employers. The Act requires that salary or wage information must be included in all publicly advertised job postings and must include a specified minimum or maximum amount. For example:

•    “$20 per hour and up” or “up to $30 per hour” does not meet the requirement.
•    “$20-$30 per hour” does meet the requirement.

At this time, the Province is not providing guidance on how large the range in an advertised wage or salary range can be; however, they may choose to provide further guidance or introduce a regulation on maximum advertised ranges in the future.

Employers are not required to include information about bonus pay, overtime pay, commissions, tips, or benefits on job postings. Visit the Government of BC’s website for specific details about requirements.

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For any questions regarding the Pay Transparency Act, please email .