New privacy toolkit supports doctors in protecting patient confidentiality

December 8, 2017

Health information is one of the most sensitive forms of personal information – and protecting it is foundational to the doctor-patient relationship. This is especially important as the number of technological devices increases and the methods to communicate expand.  

And as greater numbers of physicians use smart technologies to consult with colleagues, patients, and other health care providers, security risks also increase resulting in different types of challenges for physicians to maintain confidentiality of their patient’s personal health information.

There is so much potential for patient health information to go astray – lost or stolen laptops, intercepted electronic communications, or using unencrypted memory sticks are just a few of the many ways privacy breaches can occur.

Doctors of BC has developed a series of resources to help physicians through these challenges. The privacy toolkit contains modules for each of the privacy principles on topics such as: electronic records, responding to complaints and privacy breaches, and the use of mobile devices. It outlines 10 essential steps in plain language that physicians in private practice should consider to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Click here to access the privacy toolkit. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.