New compensation to provide specialized services to ICBC patients

August 1, 2023

Doctors of BC and ICBC have co-developed a new Specialized Physician Services Report which compensates the time and work involved in providing specialized services to ICBC patients.

Any physician providing a consultation to a patient involved in a motor vehicle accident can now bill a $275 fee for completing the Specialized Services Report in addition to billing the regular consult/visit fee. Eligible physicians must be providing consultation services via a written referral from a physician. This includes both specialists and family physicians with a focus area relevant to the treatment of patients in motor vehicle accidents (e.g. sports medicine).  

Four short videos have been developed to help clarify the process:

  1. ICBC's new Enhanced Care Model
  2. Enhanced Care and Your Practice 
  3. The New Specialized Services Report 
  4. Billing Rules and Fee Codes

The report enables additional information sharing between the physician and ICBC, specifically information that would not normally be included in a typical consultation letter. This information is important to ICBC as they determine care supports and other funding decisions to ICBC patients under the new Enhanced Care model.

The Specialized Physician Services Report can be filled out:

  • Following an initial consultation with the patient who has been in a motor vehicle accident, or
  • In circumstances where more information (e.g. labs/imaging) is required, you may choose to complete the report after the results are available, or 
  • When a report has been requested by ICBC.

Please see the ICBC Fee Guide for details on billing rules and invoicing. A copy of the form can also be found on Pathways or the ICBC website. 

The Specialized Service Report Quick Guide from ICBC is also available to answer your questions. 

For questions or requests for education sessions, please contact