ICBC Enhanced Care Coverage – Five things doctors need to know

May 11, 2021

ICBC’s new Enhanced Care Coverage model is now in effect, following an extensive consultation process with stakeholders in the medical, healthcare, and disability advocacy fields. 

This new model improves the coordination of care between doctors and other health professionals in BC, and supports British Columbians who have been injured in crashes across the province. Below are 5 things that doctors should be aware of regarding this new approach:

  1. Benefits available to your patients will vary depending on the date of their crash 
    All British Columbians injured in a crash in Canada or in the US have access to accident benefits to cover medical and recovery costs - whether they were responsible for the crash or not. The benefits available, including the benefit limits, will vary depending on the date that the crash occurred. Visit this customer guide for physicians to see the benefits and limits that apply to your patients.
  2. A detailed Enhanced Care benefits guide available online
    ICBC has created a comprehensive guide to Enhanced Care benefits, which is available on its website
  3. Changes to services and processes 
    With Enhanced Care now in effect, there will be some changes to services and how claims are processed, including establishing a Clinical Advisory group and treatment plan updates. Please see this useful guide from ICBC, which outlines what is changing, and what remains the same.
  4. Doctors of BC continues to work with ICBC on Enhanced Care 
    During the consultation period, Doctors of BC’s ICBC Liaison Working Group conducted more than 12 consultation meetings, ensuring the voices of our members were heard. Doctors of BC will continue to work with ICBC on behalf of our members to implement these changes, while also ensuring we focus on reducing administrative burdens for physicians. Please watch for new resources and materials for doctors which will be shared by Doctors of BC over the next few months.
  5. You can reach out to ICBC using several channels
    For general queries contact the Health Care Inquiry unit on 604-587-7150 (Lower Mainland), 1-888-717-7150 (Toll-free) or email:
    For patient specific information contact the patient’s claim representative directly.
    For fee guides, visit the Doctors of BC Fee Guide (login required).
    You can also contact Doctors of BC about the changes by emailing

For more information about Enhanced Care and the changes that are happening at ICBC, along with detailed information about processes, rates and policies, visit ICBC’s Health Services Partners site and dedicated Physicians page