Doctors of BC to hold webinar on how to improve your personal and online safety

September 30, 2021
Please note that the webinars on November 10 and 23 are now full. Additional dates will be announced soon.

BC’s physicians are increasingly facing concerns about safety – including threats of physical violence, personal data breaches, and abuse on social media. To support our members to address these challenges, Doctors of BC will be offering several two-hour webinars beginning in November that will provide information to help members:

  • Understand key vulnerabilities and how physical violence escalates.
  • Enhancing personal safety.
  • Create safe online practices.  

The sessions will be held on:

  • Wednesday, November 10 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Register
  • Tuesday, November 23 from 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. Register

At this time registration is limited to 25 participants per session and is intended for physician members of Doctors of BC. More session dates will be announced in the coming weeks. 

More about the sessions

Hosts Carl Prophet and Julie Jones, who are experts in the field of personal and online security, will lead attendees through prevention planning and informed response strategies to ensure all doctors are equipped with a plan and the tools to increase personal and cyber security. 

Each session will cover:

Personal Safety

  • What makes you vulnerable?
  • The progression toward violence.
  • How to enhance personal safety.
  • Identifying your risk factors.

Online Safety

  • Are you likely to be targeted?
  • Social media security.
  • Protecting personal data breaches.
  • Responding to online threats.


Speakers: Carl Prophet and Julie Jones


Carl Prophet has over 17 years of experience as a Senior Executive in the Justice Sector of Canada. Working as a Senior Advisor for programs sponsored by Global Affairs Canada and the Bureau for International Narcotics Law Enforcement Affairs, Carl has led security programs and protection teams for the Presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. 

In 2010, Carl was appointed as the Senior Executive for the 2010 Winter Olympics Provincial Asset Protection Team, and as the Officer In Charge of the 2010 Winter Olympics Provincial Asset Protection Constable Unit. 

Carl is the recipient of the Glenn Hudson Award from the World Safety Organization for work in Canada and Central America.


Julie Jones is the founder and CEO of Human-i Intelligence Services, an exclusive digital security, investigations, and threat management company based in Vancouver, Canada. 

She is a former police detective and undercover operator, having served 10 years with the West Yorkshire police, and now provides expert advice and guidance on digital security and threat management to law enforcement, government, military, individuals, family offices, and corporations. 

Recently, Julie trained the newly formed Risk and Threat Unit in Central America, sponsored by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development.