Health Authority Engagement Survey 2023: An early look at what you told us

January 14, 2024

In late 2023, Doctors of BC members took part in the eighth annual Health Authority Engagement Survey. This survey is a key avenue for physicians to share their thoughts on engagement with their health authority and/or local hospital.
Doctors of BC has released a What We Heard fact sheet, outlining some of the preliminary survey findings which you can find here.

This survey is an important tool to hear member feedback on engagement as well as what is working well or not in your hospital. These early findings show results are down from last year, with physicians facing significant challenges in their facilities. Members continue to report a decline in overall workplace satisfaction, a lack of resources and fewer opportunities to improve care. Members also feel ongoing effects of the pandemic along with the overdose crisis, primary care pressures, and surgical backlogs, among other concerns.

At a glance

A total of 2,625 members took part—representing 20% of our membership. Across BC, members also shared more than 6,000 comments. The following outlines some of the overall results.

  • Less than half of members are satisfied with their current health authority as a place to practice medicine.

  • Less than 60% of members surveyed feel that they belong to a collaborative, team-centred unit. Only four in ten members agree that they have the tools and resources to do their job.

  • Six in ten members do not feel that senior Health Authority leaders are seeking their input or are being transparent.

What’s next?

In February, Doctors of BC will release the full results including a summary analysis, a full detailed report providing robust responses to the survey questions, and breakdowns by facility/hospital, community/divisions, medical leadership, health authority, and other key demographics. Other specific steps include:

  • Doctors of BC staff members will present the results of this year’s Survey to members (including to local Medical Staff Associations and Divisions of Family Practice where requested), health authorities, and the Ministry of Health over the next several months. 

  • Doctors of BC will continue to use these survey results to inform our ongoing advocacy efforts on behalf of our members.

  • Senior staff at Doctors of BC will meet specifically with health authorities and medical staff associations early in 2024 to help inform tangible actions and solutions around the challenges members are facing.

Finally, we would like to thank every member who took the time out of their busy schedules to complete the survey—your responses and comments matter. The information will be used across the province this year to advocate for changes and improvements that can help you to deliver care to your patients and provide you with a safe and engaging place to practice.
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