An exciting time for our profession

December 5, 2014

Today is a very good day. The vote on our new Physician Master Agreement came in, and the response was a resounding “yes” with 91.4% voting in favour.

So now we have 5 years of stability , allowing us time to bring the promises contained in the agreement into fruition.

Key elements include:

  • The specialist and facility-based physician engagement through funding of local Medical Staff Associations, enhancing our colleagues’ ability to be a profession of influence
  • Recruitment and retention initiative for rural areas under the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues
  • Continued funding for the innovations of the GP Services Committee, Specialist Services Committee, and Shared Care committees
  • A significant investment into a disparity correction fund for specialists for both intra provincial and inter provincial corrections

This is a very exciting Agreement, and with your overwhelming positive approval, I know there are many of you who see the promise of what’s ahead.

The work of the negotiation team is now done – and ours begins.  Bring it on!

- Dr Bill Cavers

2014-2015 President

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