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April 5, 2019 to April 6, 2019
Victoria, British Columbia
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Doctors of BC Strategic Framework – Better. Together. Making a Difference for BC doctors

November 5, 2018

Our Vision: A social, economic, and political climate in which members can provide the citizens of BC with the highest standard of health care while achieving maximum professional satisfaction and fair economic reward.

Doctors of BC has developed a new Strategic Framework, for the five year period of 2018 – 2023, to guide us in fulfilling our Vision. Following on the previous Strategic Plan that ended in 2017, the new Framework continues our focus on BC doctors and striving for an optimal health care system. The framework is predicated on fostering a supportive, professional, and sound organization that also provides a Great Place to Work for all employees. Our approach to achieving our Vision encompasses:

  • Understanding our doctors and the environment in which they function
  • Engaging with doctors and assisting them as they engage with the health care system
  • Collaborating with doctors and the health care system to improve the quality of care 
  • Serving our doctors by providing them with the services, benefits, and support they need to make a difference for their patients
  • Advocating for our doctors in the public sphere

This approach is elaborated on in the new Strategic Framework. Please it check out.