New guides for physicians on using virtual care

March 18, 2020

For the most up-to-date virtual care resources, please visit the Doctors Technology Office's Health Technology Resources page under the Virtual Care tab here

March 18, 2020

Effective primary care coverage is essential during the COVID-19 outbreak and expanding virtual care will allow physicians to provide care remotely and limit the possibility of transmission. 

To accommodate increasing requests for immediate support, the Doctors Technology Office (DTO) will be holding seminars, publishing resources and implementing interim measures including: 

Virtual Care Resources

To help clinics transition to virtual care, Doctors Technology Office has created a variety of resources including: 

Please check back as DTO’s virtual care resource list will be updated as more information become available.

Webinar for MOAs: Virtual Care Quick Start 

DTO hosted an MOA/physician-led webinar on April 2 to provide an overview of MOA workflows related to virtual visits. A video recording of the webinar session can be found here and a pdf version of the webinar here

Virtual Care Webinar

A webinar was held on Thursday, March 19  to provide a physician-led overview of the DTO Virtual Care Quick Start Guide and a Q&A session about planning to treat patients remotely. A video recording of the webinar session can be found here and a pdf version of the webinar here.

Weekly virtual care support sessions for physicians start Thursday, March 26

In response to increasing support requests, and to hear from doctors about their needs and ideas, DTO is hosting virtual care drop-in sessions Thursdays from 7:15 - 8:00 a.m. Click here to join.

Virtual Care Support Network

The DTO and PSP are mobilizing a network of physicians and MOAs as well as the Practice Support Program (PSP) Regional Support Team members to provide clinics with virtual at-the-elbow coaching services to implement virtual care in their practice. 
For more information or to request one-on-one support from a PSP regional support team coach or peer mentor, please email

Virtual care transition: Poster for clinics

Other health technology resources

Doctors Technology Office also provides other supports to help navigate clinic privacy & security, EMR troubleshooting, billing and other related items. 

More information and direct one-on-one support with implementing virtual care or health technology

Please contact Doctors Technology Office directly at:
Main Line: 604-638-5841